Fairelands Junction Sponsor – The Lands of Luth

The Lands of Luth – Sim Sponsor for Fairelands Junction.

Roleplay in the Lands of Luth is story-driven, building on actions as they develop to create an immersive, evolving storyline across a diverse range of character classes and races. This is supported through the use of societies and guilds, where new and experienced players alike are given the opportunity to weave their stories with ones already in place. The Lands of Luth support players with a mix of in-character learning with leaders in skills and knowledges and out-of-character classes to assist players with developing their role play, their skills, and understanding of the Unity Max combat and cooking systems.

In addition to these day-to-day activities, both individual (as questing, crafting and resource-gathering) and communal, formal events are held to give players the opportunity to interact with leaders and commoners alike. From the respective courts to common taverns and markets, there is always something happening, and a way for new players to find their way into the heart of the action.

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