About The Grizzly Cubs

Who are the Grizzly Cubs at the Spirit Valley of Kuruk?

   The Grizzly Cubs are pilgrimaging children who came to the Spirit Valley of Kuruk from around the Faire realms still yet beyond the Veil. They came to learn and follow the path of the Great Bear Tribe, and defend the spirits of the valley. Some come from different animal tribes while many others are human children seeking to learn their ways. They see themselves as protectors of the valley in the form of scouts and gatherers. The Valley is a place of Healing, and peace, but they are ever watchful.

The children know tales of Guardians of the past that were lost to the Valley, but have never met the Guardians of the Elemental Stones in living memory. They only know the tales of ancient foes that attacked them, and inspired the Grizzly Cubs of the past to rise up to defend it.

What is the Bear Tribe of Kuruk?

   The Bear Tribe are intelligent bears capable of speech and communication by ancient ways. They were but one of many Tribes that were once scattered by the Water Panther. During their exodus one of their leaders was corrupted and transformed into a terrible Yeti. But for all their trials the Valley now stands under their protection as they work with the spirits in harmony.

The realm is watched over by the High Chief of Kuruk, who the Grizzly Cubs follow as the wisest of all his kin. Among the Cubs they have no leaders, only equals who take on more responsibilities and help resolve disputes. The High Chief makes the decisions, while others go about their many duties.

The Great Medicine Bear is learned in the ways of medicines, many of which only grow in this valley because of some ancient ritual and through communing with the spirits. He has many apprentices, one of which is from the Rabbit Tribe, as they hope to spread knowledge and hope to all.

What is the Yeti of Kuruk?

   An ancient creature of the far distant past who ripped through the Valley. Legend says that it had once been a bear whose heart was corrupted. It carved the valley to its depths and pushed it deep into the earth. A Guardian of the past sacrificed much in freezing the Heart of the Yeti.

What was the Water Panther?

   Many myths speak of the Water Panther, a massive feline that drowned or ate its victims when the world was young. Long before the Spirit Valley of Kuruk, when the Animal Tribes lived within the High Mountains, a great beast attacked the land and forced the tribes to scatter. The tales warn this beast still roams the waves and stalks the earth freely, corrupting those it comes across and devouring those who won’t turn.

Who are the Guardians of the Elemental Stones?

   The Guardians of the Elemental Stones have hidden themselves within Wiggenstead Morring for generations. Protected by the Rickety Weasels, they lived in seclusion until Lord Shadow discovered their secret. No longer content to be a sub-boss of the Unweaver, he let his greed push him to seek the stones for his own power. He succeeded in capturing three of these stones and weakening two of them. His greed proved his undoing and his minions, also consumed by greed, turned against him. The minions escaped with many spoils, including a small broken off piece of the water stone.

After his defeat two of the Guardians went missing. Strifeclaw of the Earth and Avariel of the Air journeyed from Faireland to Faireland seeking their fallen comrades. With the help of the Magpies of the Bazaar Dungeon they restored Cale Firesong to his rightful position. Last year, it was discovered that one of their allies, Lynx Tree, had uncovered a piece of the Water Stone that had been broken off after the battle with Lord Shadow.

Who is behind the Grizzly Cubs at the Spirit Valley of Kuruk?

Who are the roleplayers behind the Grizzly Cubs?

Our roleplayers come from near and far, but many hail from the Steamlands and the SL Kid havens of the Grid. Most are part of the SL Goonies, led by Loki Eliot, whose sim, Escapades, is a playground packed with quests, adventures, and interactive experiences!

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