The Grizzly Cubs At Spirit Valley of Kuruk

The Grizzly Cubs


The Grizzly Cubs are pilgrimaging children who came to the Spirit Valley of Kuruk from around the Faire realms still beyond the Veil. They came to learn and follow the path of the Great Bear Tribe, and defend the spirits of the valley. The Valley is a place of healing, both spiritual and physical, that offers aid to all manner of creatures. The plants that grow here are blessed by some secret means that makes them potent medicine against illness and corruption. It is a realm of beauty, health, and growth.

However, they are also no stranger to monsters. Tales speak of a terrible Water Panther that scattered the upper valley Tribes. Another tells of the formation of the deep Valley when a corrupted bear spirit transformed into a terrible Yeti and carved much of this valley before the healing came. Another speaks of a terrible foe that felled a Guardian of the past.

And there is one threat that must not be forgotten again…a Nordic Dark Elf who thrives in misery. A creature that is the enemy of truth and the reshapper of memories. There is always one figure that haunts the Children of Stories so they may become Forgotten. The being who claims he was Bard King long before the New Bards and their written word.

The children are going to need all the help they can get as truths long buried are brought to the surface, and paranoia grips the heart of the realm.

Join the Grizzly Cubs anytime at the Faire, but especially:

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