The Final Shindig 2021

Party with us to celebrate the season finale of Fantasy Faire 2021!

May 2nd, Sunday 6–10 PM SLT – Live at the FaireChylde

6–8 PM: The Final Shindig: Chapter One with DJ Glitch Axelrad
Oh, lord…here we go! What is there to say about Glitch? More to the point, what is there to say that can be said on a family friendly show like this one? Well, for starters how about this: We are talking about one of the Faireland’s favorite DJs here! Glitch breaks out tracks from Soundtracks to Rock, Pop and Dance, and from Industrial/EBM to Gothic. Him make beats good! Him cray-cray! In his own poetic words, “I am awesome for you and us…. and together we do the dizzle.” (Ok, so he ain’t Shakespeare but you trying spinning with both hands and writing a sonnet at the same time!) His point is well made, nevertheless. When Glitch is in the house, we do indeed do the dizzle. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just need to dash over to the Urban Dictionary and make sure the “dizzle” is allowed under Faireland law…

8–10 PM: The Final Shindig: Chapter Two with DJ ĦΔZΔRĐ (Hazard Fizzle)
The owner and operator of [GHOST BOX] Radio, this cat is legendary. And his sets are the stuff that dreams are made of! A cinematic mix of new Dark Musiks – Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Cyberpunk, Aggrotech, Witch House, Synthwave, and Dark Ambient. He brings it all and Fairelanders love to let go and get lost in the waves of Hazard’s mad, musical magic! So far, they’ve all found their way back. But anything can happen. Faire warning!

A RFL of SL Event

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