The Final Shindig 2020

Party with us to celebrate the season finale of Fantasy Faire 2020!

May 3th, Sunday 6 – 10 PM SLT at Ambigula
– Overflow party visible across the waters at Melusina’s Depths

6 – 8 PM: The Final Shindig: Chapter One with DJ Glitch
The word “MAYHEM” gets used a lot these days. But in this case, that’s the word for sure! It’s the start of the final “official” party of the 2020 Faire and if history is anything to judge by (or mythology for that matter!) this is going to be “epic!” No idea why we’re using so many quote marks all the sudden. Sorry. We’ll try to be “mindful” of that….oh well. We’re pulling out all the stops and bringing back one of those DJs whose name is synonymous with the word party. Also, with the words Danger, FCC Violations, Call the Cops, and Is It Just Me Or Is Elayne’s Head About To Explode. Did you guess it already? Did you guess DJ Gli-Gli-Gli-Glitch? If so, good for you! Here is a cookie! Now, let us rock verily!

8 – 10 PM: The Final Shindig: Chapter Two with DJ Rox Arten
The final official party of the 2020 Fantasy Faire keeps going with a true Friend of the Fairelands! When Rox Arten spins you are in for a good time, great music, and all the best of the best that the Faire has to offer because Rox checks all the boxes! A dynamite DJ? Yes! A brilliant Faireland Merchant? You bet! A heart of gold? And how! This Fairelander is always sharing her warmth in our community’s Group Chat and she can be counted on to make you laugh at just the perfect moment. This may be the end of the Faire’s official programming for another year but you still have days and days to shop, explore and enjoy the Fairelands. So wear something outrageous, stay hydrated and come to the best party in the history of the Many Realms. Rox will be there to make it one for the history books!

A RFL of SL Event

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