The Film Festival and the Film Competition 2023

The Goldie Wafflie – prize at the Film Festival

The Film Festival is returning for its third year at Fantasy Faire. Led by Chantal Harvey and Saffia Widdershins, there will be an almost daily event at 11am. This will include, from April 24th to May 6th, talks, discussions and retrospectives of the works of different machinematographers. Check the Literary Festival/Film Festival Calendar closer to the start of the Faire to learn more!

There will be three film premieres, including one by renowned machinematographer Chantal Harvey and one by Macguver Mode, winner of last year’s Wafflies for Best Fairelands Tale and People’s Choice. In addition, the premiere of the third episode of the ongoing series, Harland Quinn and the Omega Hex. And don’t worry if you missed Episodes 1 or 2 – these will also be shown!

Our guests this year will include Lorin Tone and Fakey Jewell, Zander Greene, Bain Finch, Pryda, and Teal  – and more.

And we are very excited to host the Second Fantasy Faire Film Festival Competition which leads to the awarding of the Wafflies!

This will be a competition open to all, based in the Fairelands. There will be three categories, each of which will be awarded a prize (the golden Wafflie statue).

Category 1: Fiction (5 minutes)
A narrative story, set in the Fairelands

Category 2: Factual (5 minutes)
This could be a documentary, a tour of a region, a special Faireland event and – if the creator is willing – perhaps a short interview.

Category 3: Livestream (10 minutes)
We are asking people who wish to enter this category either to edit a ten minute sequence from the livestream, or to give a timeframe of 10 minutes from the longer livestream.

The Wafflie Winning Factual Film by Caitlin Tobias of the 2022 Best Factual Machinima Award

To see winning machinimas from last year’s Competition, go to the Wafflie results page.


Category 1: Fiction (5 minutes)
Category 2: Factual (5 minutes)
Category 3: Livestream (10 minutes)

All films must be 100% shot on the regions at this year’s Fantasy Faire. The films should reflect the spirit of Fantasy Faire.

Films should not contain copyrighted material (e.g. music should be licence-free or licensed to you). The films should not contain Adult content.

Your film should be placed on a recognised platform (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) and the address sent to:

All films must be submitted by the end of April 29th.

Films in competition will be shown (at 11am) from May 2nd – May 5th. Prizes for the top film in each category will be awarded at a special ceremony on May 6th, with an after party.

In addition, films sent to us not in competition may also be shown in the 11am slot in Week 2. Please specify if you want your film to be shown In Competition, or Out of Competition

Macguyver Mode receives his Wafflie for People’s Choice Machinima at last year’s ceremony

The films will be judged by a Panel of Judges, but there will also be a 50% contribution from the public. In addition, there will be a People’s Choice prize for the film that receives the highest number of public votes. People will be able to vote for individual films by making donations in special kiosks – all LIndens raised will go to Relay for Life.

Good luck, everyone! We look forward to seeing your films!

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