The Fairelanders’ Masked Ball 2020


A Special Masked Ball to Celebrate Fantasy Faire!

Come dance the night away with us! Actually, two nights. We are having two Fairelanders’ Masked Balls to try and accommodate different timezones and make sure every Fairelander has a chance to wear a mask, be mysterious, and twirl about in gowns and suits!

Her High Faireness, Elizabeth Tinsley (AKA DJ Tin-Tinz!) is in Fantasy Faire Radio’s broadcast booth for both occasions. The boss loves to spin for Fairelanders, and after a long day at the Faire we could all use a little fun. So, suit up (or gown up, or ya know, whatever your species does to look all fancy-shmancy) and join us for The Fairelanders’ Masked Ball.

Date 1: Saturday, April 25:  Noon – 2 PM SLT 
Date 2: Saturday, May 2: 6 – 8 PM SLT 

Both celebrations take place in Ambigula.

A RFL of SL Event

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