The Cure Chasers

The Cure Chasers Relay For Life of SL team

The Cure Chasers are one of the oldest teams in Relay For Life of SL. This is our 12th consecutive year. We started out as Fey’s Angels from an old club called Fey’s 5, where many of the original team used to hang out. We changed our team name to The Cure Chasers the next year.

The Cure Chasers are a truly International team. About half of our team is from the United States, and we also include many members who come from or reside in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, and The Philippines to name a few.

Many of the members of our team have been with us for most of those years and we continue to welcome new members each year.

As most new teams do, we started out a little slow back in our first year as we learned about RFL of SL, and gained valuable experience that would help us in years to come. We worked with more experienced teams and built some great bonds and friendships that last to this day. While we have a relatively small team, over the previous 11 years The Cure Chasers have raised about 13 million Lindens for Relay For Life.

The Cure Chasers have always been fervent supporters of the “One Team” approach. Attending other team’s events, helping newer teams take their first steps in the Relay world, and taking part in multi-team events are just a few ways for us to be involved in the One Team principle.

We have always been steady throughout the course of the season. We tend to hold several smaller events and sprinkle in two or three larger events, such as an all day show with many live performers and DJ’s or even a 26.2 hour DJ Marathon session.

The Cure Chasers do mainly musical events, that’s what we’re good at. Some of the types of events we hold have included events like a bi-weekly guest DJ event, a Sunday morning DJ event where we play an entire album start to finish, Captain vs Captain Challenges, live performers, and numerous multi team events.

A RFL of SL Event

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