The Critter Parade

The critters have padded to the Faire for many years. They’ve traveled on floating flowers, mighty ships of bark and leaves, sometimes even on all four paws, slowly finding the way through the portal into the Fairelands. They’ve met new friends, found good noms, sniffed scents of magic. They’ve climbed statues, greeted gods, explored ancient ruins, held picnics in boats, even hidden in rosebushes and traveled to the Mists with the Fairelands.

Now they are back with a small challenge to the Fairelanders: find them! When the first Great Explorer locates the critter and posts a picture of themselves in the location, the rest of the picture will be revealed and a new Critter Parade challenge will be posted.

The revealed pictures and locations will be posted in a special Spoilers Page once Fairelanders find the critters!

Critters are very happy that so many Fairelanders played hide and seek with them, and wish them a wonderful year!

The Critter Parade 7
Critter Parade VII – Critters first found by Sam Puren!
The Critter Parade 6
Critter Parade VI – Critters first found by Anandaheart.
Critter Parade 5
Critter Parade V: Critters first found by Stangbo!
The Critter Parade 4
Critter Parade IV – critter first found by Caitlin Tobias
The Critter Parade 3
Critter Parade III – critters first found by Anandaheart!
The Critter Parade 2
Critter Parade II – critters first found by Aelva
The Critter Parade 1
Critter Parade I – first found by Jeanette Doobie!

A RFL of SL Event

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