The Children of Stories and the Secrets of Flambois

The Children of Stories

Children across different Fairelands have found mysterious magical lanterns requesting their help. Members of Rickety Weazels, Mouse Guards, Echtra Warriors, Lily Pods, Magpies, Bubo Owls, Grizzly Cubs, Society of Extraordinary Explorers, and the Sniffer Moles all received these mysterious requests. Those who accepted found themselves emerging from a forest out into a world unlike any they had known.

Flambois is a school dedicated to the Fairelands itself, and has taught many illustrious alumni, but why then did these lanterns summon them to this realm if everything was alright? Strangers to this land, they will have to discover this realms stories and watch for unknown dangers and suspicious characters who may be Shadows of the Unweaver.

Who summoned them to this place and were they friend or foe? Has the Unweaver set a trap for them in this place? Why they have been chosen and for what purpose can only be uncovered by working together. The children are going to need all the help they can get to unravel the mysteries.

Check back next week to find out more about the Gathered Children here.
The daily wrap-up stories will be compiled in order here: Daily Updates
For information about the people behind the Children of Stories check on their Credits page

You can encounter the Children of Stories and the Elemental Guardians anytime at the Faire, or especially at the following events:

A RFL of SL Event

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