The Bubo Owls At Tensors’ Flying Market

Uncovering Mysteries

The Bubo Owls are lost children with few memories of their former homes and how they got to the Fairelands. By this unknown twist of fate the Owls have taken up residence in Tensor’s Flying Market,

The market is a wondrous place crafted by goblin merchants before the three tribes turned against each other. With the factions at war, the children often find work as ‘middle men’ going between goblin factions and trying to ilk out a living.

But the past has ways of resurfacing, and the children will have to uncover the secrets of a dangerous foe, one who can steal away memories and stories, to unlock a wish that they do not know, or perhaps do not remember. They’ll need all the help they can get as the Owls uncover the mysteries of the past, and future.

You can visit The Bubo Owls on Tensors Flying Market.

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A RFL of SL Event

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