The Bubo Owls At Tensor’s Flying Market: Updates

Friday April 19th
Meet The Bubo Owls!

The Fairelands Never Disappoint
The Fairelands Never Disappoint

The Bubo Owls welcomed many outsiders into their home today, greeting the Fairelanders and travelers from far outside their realm. The children, unaccustomed to many visitors, were welcoming and shared their lot in life with the crowd. They spend their days working as middle men running between the Goblin factions and sometimes keeping the engines below running since the original creators are not on speaking terms.

It was soon after that the Guardians of Earth, Fire, and Air made their presences known and warned the children that some destiny had led them to the Owls this year. The Bubo’s were confused having never met the Guardians before, but they nodded all the same.

Avariel, the Air Guardian, was quite certain the motor behind the glowing lamp was where the voice came from.
Avariel, the Air Guardian, was quite certain the motor behind the glowing lamp was where the voice came from.

Things were going well until a new voice spoke inside of a tiny crystal lamp hidden near one of the motors. Was it a tiny mouse trapped within? At first they believed the motor itself was haunted by some evil or benign spirit.

But what the lamp truly was no one knew, not even the voice itself. It had no memories and had only remembered how to speak by listening to them. The Fire Guardian gave a caw of anger and dismay, “Be wary. If I am right, the lamp bears a victim, not a cruel entity. If I am wrong, then we are being played by a truly terrible foe!”

A Not So Model Citizen
A Not So Model Citizen

The Bubo’s questioned where the lamp had come from, and Loki confided that he had bought them from a merchant above. When cornered, the merchant denied having sold anything to the children. Finally, after a small slip up, he admitted to hearing unsavory people were hunting for crystal lamps he had acquired in Midas and whoever had them were disappearing. He had sold them to Loki to preserve his own well being.

The Owls, Fairelanders, and Guardians returned and vowed to help the Crystal lamp restore its memory, and to keep it safe from the unsavory folks trying to steal it. Join the Bubo’s April 20th starting at noon as they share stories to job the lamps memory, and to warn the Owls of the threats they will face going forward.

What must it be like not to remember music? The Owls need to help whoever this ‘Crys’ is!
What must it be like not to remember music? The Owls need to help whoever this ‘Crys’ is!


Saturday April 20th
The Bubo Owls and the Saboteur

There were plenty of cushions, but they liked to sit on the propellers.
There were plenty of cushions, but they liked to sit on the propellers.

The Bubo Owls gathered to share their stories today with the talking Crystal Lamp they had dubbed, Crys. Five stories were shared in total which can be read here. The lamp listened to their stories and seemed to be remembering something.

He was getting a bit upset as the tales all mentioned his previous captor.
He was getting a bit upset as the tales all mentioned his previous captor.

Finally, the Fire Guardian shared their own tragic encounter with the Barde King and the lamp remembered that it too had encountered that ashen figure. The Barde had stolen their memories and the memories others had of them. They both remembered a realm where the light and hope was drained away as they closed their eyes.

It was then that Crys remembered that he was in fact a Djinni, and was able to assume his form. He was still powerless however and begged the children for their help.

We didn’t start the fires!
We didn’t start the fires!

Unfortunately, as the children debated whether they should trust the Djinn or not, sirens resounded through the city. Over eight of the city’s propellers had failed and were burning.

The Owls were on the job quickly.
The Owls were on the job quickly.

There was a panic, but the Bubo’s went into action, quickly working to repair the damage as the Fire Guardian flew beside them trying to get the flames under control.

The Fire Guardian might not have hands but he can help put out fires.

The Fire Guardian might not have hands but he can help put out fires.

Soon, the danger had passed and the Bubo’s returned home triumphant, but like the proud woman in their story they had fallen for a distraction. The Djinni was gone!
The children had been deceived and organized small parties of runners to go block off the exits, and to tell the Goblins to watch for the crystal lamp. As the lamp could now talk, the Earth Guardian pointed out, the children may be able to locate them by calling out for him.

Not So Secret Whispering
Not So Secret Whispering

The children had another cause for hope as well. Inside one of the engines another ancient artifact had been uncovered. As soon as the Guardians saw it, the three gathered together and whispered among themselves. Finally, they told the children that they must embark on a quest to the Heart of the Fairelands to learn what it is they bear in their hands.

Jimmy proudly holding the artifact he uncovered.
Jimmy proudly holding the artifact he uncovered.

The Bubo’s embark from Tensor’s Flying Market tomorrow at 2 to Faireland Junction, and perhaps farther than that if they must to get the answers to their questions, and discover what mysteries they have inadvertently uncovered.


Sunday April 21st
The Heart of the Matter

The Gates of Junction
The Bubo Owls set off on their journey after making sure there were people left behind to take care of the propellers. The children were told to go to the Heart of the Fairelands to meet with Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe. The journey was not difficult at first, though they were unhappy to learn then had to walk.

Soon, the children reached the entrance to Junction and were meeting with something that was unexpected. A group of children called Magpies from the Bazaar Dungeon who were also searching for Dogstar. The two children soon journeyed with the Bubo’s further down.

The Magpies

And so they came to find Strifeclaw who was waiting with another strange fellow with a lily-pad on his head who called himself a Lilypod of Mudrana. And soon there were two mouse guardians hailing from Poppetsborough as well, one of which was the mirror image of another child with the Bubo’s! There was even a wild child who claimed to be of the Rickety Weasels.

All of their worlds had been imperiled before, and were once again thanks to new artifacts that had arrived in their realms. Each one had also come because they needed Dogstar to identify their item. But Dogstar could sense that one of their number was missing. He sent the children and their allies to retrieve the missing child who he sensed was in a watery bayou.

Found child

When the children arrived the boy was drowning and unable to move. He kept sinking thanks to some power the children could not see. Working together they were able to pull the Child of Echtra out. He blamed the Barde king, and thanked them for rescuing him. It turned out that he too had an artifact that was nearly identical to the Bubo’s. They then began the long and difficult journey back to Junction.

The Lost Children Together

When they returned, Dogstar told them that they had found something even he had never seen before. Something from beyond any of their worlds or the Faire. A wish that had not been granted. He told the children that they needed to find a way to power the wish.

After they knew what they had to do, the children from Faire’s past were fading back beyond the mists. Their worlds on the other side now, but they and their worlds were not gone. Before they went, the children told about their terrible encounters with the Unweaver and the Barde King of Olde. One of the tales even suggested that the Barde King from the era before the written word was an elf that spread illness in his wake before he was usurped. Was the foe that assailed lost children so often always and ever had been the Unweaver taking on a guise he once wore? They do not know, and the encounter confused the poor children.

Strifeclaw reminded them that they need only focus on saving the Djinn, and seeing to it that the wish they held were powered, or the worlds of the other children might be destroyed as well. The children will search for the thief tomorrow morning just before noon and need all the help they can get!


Monday April 22nd
The Hunt for the Lamp Thief

The Bubo Owls gathered early to look for the spy, so early in fact that most of the children were still asleep when Softpaw Sommer and Strifeclaw sensed a presence filled with despair. As the presence shrieked in the distance the small team was organized to search for the source of the woeful tidings. Strifeclaw waited behind to send other children on their way as they awoke and entrusted the Fire Guardian Cale to see to matters.

Friendly as long as you don’t mind going a bit deaf
Friendly as long as you don’t mind going a bit deaf

Following Softpaw’s lead, they were able to find a tormented spirit. The wretched soul appeared to be similar to the one in the tale about a game of Tafl. Mentioning the game to her and the Barde King caused her to screech in rage and loss, and eventually she left them clutching their eardrums.

Fortunately, before she left the spirit had mentioned a spider, a spy who had stolen something precious. They did not have a lot to go on, most thinking they should run back to Strifeclaw who had told the story of the ghost before. Cale insisted they should deal with the threat on their own, especially since he had seen a spider-woman on his way there.

Unbeknownst to them, they had been overheard by the spy.
Unbeknownst to them, they had been overheard by the spy.

The spy quickly hid themselves and the children looked around in vain to find the now hidden figure. The Fire Guardian suggested asking people, and the children approached Morkus Dreg who was in the area.

Morkus did not want to help them freely, but they were able to talk him into it. He had seen the spider woman in town before, and knew she had taken to hiding in the cleared out Undermarket. Having nothing else to go on, the children went after her.

They were not disappointed because the children quickly heard the Djinn calling out for help. The spider-woman insisted that the lamp was hers by right. Cale, getting angry, started to assault her as he believed she was clearly a spy for the Unweaver.

She seems pretty confident for someone surrounded.
She seems pretty confident for someone surrounded.

Unfortunately, this was breaking several Goblin Laws! There was no proof she was a spy at all. She asked to be arrested by the Pawlice who had been nearby, and she was taken into custody. But so was Cale, the Fire Guardian!

Now the children have the spy, but she has Crys still in her possession, Cale is imprisoned beside her, and the children owe several fines for entering the Undermarket without permission! The fines and bail are going to be more than the Bubo’s can handle on their own. They’ll need the help of the Fairelands tomorrow at Noon SLT to free those who deserve it, and to leave those that do not to rot.

both arrested!


Tuesday April 23rd
The Bubo Owls Attempt To Raise Bail

Jail and Bail

The Bubo Owls called on their allies around the Fairelands to pay off their fines to the Goblins, to free Cale Firesong, and to keep Itsyll imprisoned. However, it soon turned out that Itsyll was just tricked by the Unweaver in the guise of the Barde King. She returned the Djinn known as Crys and so the Fairelanders instead opted to raise her bail too! Soon the Djinn had joined in the celebration as the Bubo’s and their allies had raised a total of 101,762 between the two kiosks!

But before the night ended, the Djinn said that they would need to discover where he was taken, so that he could in turn get back what had been taken from him. Join the Bubo’s tomorrow just before noon to help uncover the mystery of the Djinn’s lost memories!

The Djinn


Wednesday April 24th
The Djinn Remembers

The Djinn Remembers

The Djinn thanked his friends for rescuing him again, and he shared more of what he had remembered. He had once been visited by many people who would offer him treasures and offerings, and in return he would grant them boons such as renewed health. But one day he had been taken by a greedy goblin who put him in the crystal lamp, tearing him from his magical fountain. He lost his memories and his powers.

The Children thought first to once again pester Morkus Dreg for more help. The much put upon merchant picked up and left town after revealing that the Goblin he got it from had been killed shortly after he snatched it. Apparently the goblin had been stark raving mad. The children remembered the story of Nipdip, and wondered if there had been some truth to it.

Helpful Goblins

Since they could not question the goblin Morkus had stole *cough* acquired the lamp from, they decided to approach a friendlier goblin. Bricknal pointed them to the hall of records not far from there. After questioning another goblin (Nork Swindle) they found the report of the goblins that dug that fateful tunnel and treasures they took. The survivors were declared mad and all three were banished, but there was a map to the tunnel they dug.

Unfortunately, it was underwater and only a few of their allies could breathe under the water. There was also no water guardian, so the children needed to find another way to go below the depths. They questioned more goblins who eventually pointed them towards an inventor located in the Light of Va’loth.


The inventor scoffed when they mentioned the Goblins who suggested they speak to him. He turned them out of his home and did not speak to them again.

However, his son told them to meet him in the glen nearby, and there he told them that he had invented a way for them to go below the waves safely. The bubo owls will be able to travel in an Almost Safe manner. However, the children will be without their Guardians of Fire, Earth, and Air. They must make the journey alone and brave the dangers that perhaps once destroyed the Goblin teams that went before them.

Tommy helps!

Join them at noon April 25th 2019 to help them on their journey!


Thursday April 25th
The Bubble Owls and the Lost Mines


The Bubo Owls were apprehensive about their journey today. They would have to travel the seas below where monsters, ghosts, and traps lurked. And the existential horror that their final destination had driven the last Goblins mad. Worse, they could not go with any of their Guardians. They had to rely on their own cunning, and the friendships they had formed with other Fairelanders.

Tommy was waiting above, near the Flying Carpet salesman. There he had set up their rather surprising mode of transportation. Floating Bubbles.

Bubble people

The children were astounded and had to leave many of their friends behind, but the Bubo’s traveled down along with a few of their allies who could alter their forms. Soon, they found the Mer statue, and across from it was the entrance to the secret tunnel.

Sunken Tunnel

The children went deeper into the underwater tunnel, hearing disheartening sounds and some children had to retreat with help as the crystals popped their bubbles. But those that made it were able to find the button and speak the password.

The children were thrilled, but except for some silt moving nothing happened. Exasperated, they pushed the button again. This time there was a massive explosion! The children retreated in a panic and separated.

Mine Shaft

It took some time for the children to regroup and soon they realized that they had raised a tiny mechanical mineshaft from the depths. They ventured inside, trying to ignore the wails of the ghosts, when they realized they needed a key.

They went to Strifeclaw, who was hoping to rally the children together. There they were reminded of the story she had told before of a game of Tafl. There was a ghost that kept saying she had lost something, and the rest of her story fit, perhaps she too had a key. Just a literal key instead of a magic one.

They questioned the ghost for answers and eventually she hinted that the Key had been hidden near the heart of the city.

The Key

Those that knew the heart of the city, the engine that powered it all, was found it in the Undermarket. The children discreetly flew underneath and tried to avoid notice while others caused a distraction above. It was behind the heart that one of the Goblins had ditched the key.

Triumphant, the children returned and unlocked the passage. They passed a deadly chasm, and then looked deep into a pool. Was this the Djinn’s Fountain? Would they all be driven mad?

Strifeclaw and Cale told them they sensed no evil presence here. The Goblins must have been driven mad when they stole the Djinn and his treasures instead as punishment. Loki didn’t wait to find out for sure before he chucked Crys the Djinn into the pool, lamp and all.

The Djinn and the Wish

Crys took his form from within, and told the children he would fulfill the wish that spanned the worlds if they would do their part. They must bring their hopes and dreams, whatever mortal treasures they could part with, to power the wish from beyond the world they know.

The Bubo Owls, the Magpies, the Lilypods, the Rickety Weasels, the Mouse Guardians, and the Children of Echtra are all counting on this wish to be fulfilled. The ones from beyond the viels worlds are in danger. Come, and help us fulfill the wish, and save the worlds beyond, and find out the true nature of this powerful wish once and for all.

Zander Green will DJ starting at noon tomorrow, in the mine shaft that the Bubo Owls just raised at Tensor’s Flying Market.


Friday April 26th
The Lost Children and the Ungranted Wish

The Gathering

The Bubo Owls gathered together with their allies to help their friend the Djinn, and to fulfill the wish from Beyond their Worlds. As the donations came in, the wall lit up showing the children who had already fulfilled their wish.

The celebration began, and the Rickety Weasels of Wiggenstead Mooring were able to quickly prepare a Beltane celebration, as Avariel of the Air Stone repeated the blessing she did six years ago. The Fairelanders cheered with excitement as a line of power enveloped the wish and lit up the wall. There were depictions of the Weasels there.

Lilith then spoke through the Strifeclaws Earth Stone: The air moves again, the water is no longer foul, and the fire burns bright again. The wish is ready on our side! Do not give up! It was good to see children who fight for freedom as well as ourselves. It is good to know we are not alone.

And it did not stop there, each of the children from the other worlds spoke words of encouragement and updated them on the progress of their worlds. The Wizard of Poppetsborough helped the Mouse Guardians, the Siblings of Seasons aided the Children of Echtra, the Godfrog was saved to help the Lilypods of Mudrana, and Dogstar of the Lesser Sidhe helped the Magpies alongside Cale Firesong.

The Djinn Restored

Cyan, Mouse Guardian of Poppetsborough: The rips in Poppetsborough are healing again. Please don’t give up now, all of you in the other lands beyond the viel. And before I go, please remember the story is never ending and you determine your own story, make it a good one.

Avird, the Child of Echtra: The flooding is going down. We won’t have to abandon the great hall in the boats! We should meet again someday. I’d like that. Maybe junction tomorrow? I can finish the story…the way it really goes. About the Barde King…

Taylor, Lilypod of Mudrana: The Godfrog has returned, and Mudrana seems like it is coming back to life! The wish is powered on our end! Keep going! We need your help! Through all of this, no matter how dead and dry Mudrana got, I knew we could make a difference. Lets do this.

Candance, Magpie of the Bazaar Dungeon: The Sentinels Eye is restored! He’s sending the Amalgamatite back to the tiny corridoors! the Bazaar is safe again! Please meet me at Junction tomorrow…I want to hear everything! Oh, and Kibble says the truth is there for all who seek it!

Everything is Ready

And so it was the Bubo’s were the last to fulfill their wish. The children and their allies raised over 200,000 linden. The doors slowly swung open and the wish was granted, but not in any way anyone suspected.

The Sick Child's Wish

Inside there was a statue of a parent and their child. Soon, the statue began to speak.

*And then the father stopped reading from the story and the child looked up weakly, speaking quietly* “Then what happened. What happened to the Owls? Did they grant the wish?”

*The Father replied, “They did. And they and their allies knew that the wish from beyond their world, our world, was granted.”

The child looked on quietly. ‘But they’re not real…how could fantasy things make a real difference?’

*The Father pauses and struggles a moment before he says, ‘They are as real as you and me in some ways. Just believe in them. And make your wish. They’re fighting for you…even if they are just fantasy. Believe in them.’

‘I wish … to get well … and NOT be SICK anymore..”


There were many tears shed at the sight they beheld, and knew that all their efforts for the child had been real, and helped grant a wish from far beyond their own world.

The donations kept coming even after the child was saved, ending at 252575 for the event, 366,000+ for the year.

The Lost Children, in all their forms, thank you for your help in this wonderful event and hope to see you again soon.

A RFL of SL Event

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