The Art Gallery 2021

Fantasy Faire has featured fantasy art galleries within the Fairelands since 2014. We aim to showcase the limitless options for your transformation in our shared virtual world, how truly only imagination is the limit.

The galleries focus on various fantasy avatars within Second Life, celebrating the freedom from the mundane, showing how in here you can be whatever you wish to be, your true self. The focus continues to be variety in fantasy forms, inspiration in character creation and talent in photographic arts.

This year we have the art gallery also in Flickr, as a flickr-gallery. The only difference is that Flickr does not allow Moderate pictures to be added to galleries, so there are some pictures missing from the Flickr version, but this way most of them are recorded for posterity.

Fantasy Faire Art Gallery 2021 in Flickr.

The Art Gallery is located in the Arts & Entertainment Region of Paer Thura and is sponsored by Bryn Oh.

The following artists are displayed in the galleries, sharing their fantasy visions with Fairelanders.

Clau Dagger

Devin Vaughn

Freyja Merryman

Freyja Nemeth

Imperia Abbadon


Jasmine Stardust

Kai Wirsing

Karalee Aeon

Klaus Von Reinherz

Laura Blues

Liang Scorpio

Meriluu Lumoss

Migan Forder


Natalie Starlight

Razor Cure

Rozen (Lila Snowbear)

Ryanna Foxclaw

Sachi Dog

Skye Nefekalum

Skyler Morningstar Areli

Sugah Pancake

Sukubia Scarmon

Tamarind Silverfall

Tamzin Xigalia


Varosh Santanamiguel

Victor Calm

A RFL of SL Event

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