The Fairelands Quest Sponsor – Team ACTS

Team ACTS – Sponsor for The Fairelands Quest.

Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps is an umbrella team representing the various groups of the Steamlands, tinies and individuals who wish to participate. We organize a season of fun events, live music, raffles, balls, ships, races, fireshows and literary events. We try our best to be good to our fellow teams and we will be happy to organize events together But overall we will join the fight with a smile and having fun! (and riverdancing … and having waffle parties … and … )

Team ACTS is spread far and wide, encompassing different lands and estates. We have a history of working with all the steamlands and the tinies in conjunction with the following awesome and pawsome places on the grid: Rosehaven, The Tinies of Raglan Shire, Roma, Caledon, Antiquity, New Toulouse and Republic of Cala Mondrago. We are very firm in our belief of the One Team Initiative, as these teams work as one.

Tinies have been a part of the Fantasy Faire since its inception. The first year, there were 3 tiny merchants. Even our dear Wynx Whiplash was here with her awesome avis that were the foundation of tinydom. We have grown in avis, and in our participation. The tinies were then asked to be a part of security and partake in a role play assist to the Fairelands. Now, after many waffles and much bacon, and gallons of Wootberry juice. We have been a part of the Faire as Team ACRFL since 2011. In 2012, Team Tiny Steps filled this role. Then since 2013 – we have been ACTS, with Captain OldeSoul Eldemar.

Our role in Fantasy Faire is most important to all of us. We all love the Faire, and our roles. Our motto is “Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble. We come as organizers, performers, DJs, creators, pawlice, and our new medics. We are proud to be a part of the Faire – it fits in with our very strict rules:

Smile, have fun, and do pawsum things.

Our team is tiny yet mighty, small yet forceful, diverse yet united, frolicking yet determined! We are ACTS! We are Relay!

Oldesoul Eldemar
Captain, Team ACTS
High Sheriff of the Fairelands

“For as long as the Fantasy Faire has been the Fairelands, the support of the Tiny community and of Team ACTS have been at the heart of its success. There is nothing bigger than the heart of a Tiny. They are the magnetic field guiding our moral compass. Were the world made up of such mighty souls, cancer would already be a thing of the past.”

Zander Greene
Co-Founder, Fantasy Faire
April 2018

And From the Archives:

11 MAY 2016 / A Very Special Thank You from Elizabeth Tinsley

Fantasy Faire 2016 would not have been possible without the support of the Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps RFL Team. You came as merchants, as performers, producers and players, photographers, writers, and spinners of songs. You even came as the Law!

You brought joy, laughter, dance machines, and waffles! And you brought the Spirit of Relay.

Somewhere deep in the DNA of fantasy as a genre are lines of code about fellowship and struggles shared. These are connected to other lines – about reaching for what seems impossible, persevering in challenging times, about saying yes to the adventure – and together they weave a tapestry that is at once exotic and familiar.

For the countless ways you enrich our tapestry, for Relaying by our side – for saying yes! – the thanks of a grateful Fairelands are yours.

We wish you every success in this 2016 Season and we reaffirm that our sword and shield are at your service. Our eyes will stay alert for the signal fire to be lit.

And the Fairelands will answer it.

Go Relay!

Elizabeth Tinsley
Captain, Fantasy Faire 2016

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