Team Shadow

Team Shadow began at Kick Off 2012, as a small team composed of members of a role play family. In the years since they have grown to represent many communities across the Second Life grid. Feeling that diversity is strength, Team Shadow is accepting of many varying lifestyles, united under one banner. Team Shadow is truly an international team, with members from several countries. Team Shadow fully embraces the ONE TEAM ideal and welcomes with open arms those who believe in that mission.

Team Shadow has been the “little team that could” since its inception, fully embracing the ONE TEAM movement at its beginning during Half-way There 2012. You’ll see various members dashing about the grid yelling “One Team, One Dream”, or “Together We Are Stronger.” Members of the team routinely attend other teams events, and provide DJ’s and support during multi-team event..

Many of Team Shadow have been touched by the beast that is cancer, with both survivors and caregivers in their numbers. Its members are determined to pursue the mission of the American Cancer Society until there is a cure.

Team Shadow hosts a variety of events throughout the season. Known for their fun loving, let the good times roll style on Tuesday evenings, BYOK themed parties have become a standard. Yearly Team Shadow organizes Country For A Cure, and Blues For Life; both 12 hour multi-team events, including vendor space for all teams participating. Team Shadow also takes part in events hosted by other teams. There will also be Equinox Fae Ball and a Paint Ball event on Korolev Station with our space roleplay friends.

At the heart of all that they do is the desire to unite Relayers into One Team, an army unified to fight the unweaver. They are delighted to have been asked to assist Fantasy Faire with our ONE TEAM initiative in 2019. May we all together make it our mission to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Together, we are the cure!

Gem Sunkiller
amanda stan1ey resident
Contessa Blackburn
Petersmith resident
rheata resident
badbobb resident
sunnyonesotrue resident
Sylisan resident
Sasha Fairywren
Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena)
Deanna Lancaster
HuniPet Delicioso
Inanna Muscari
Leigh Densmith
Longbow Braveheart
Onyx Savage (onyxdawn)
Tig Spijkers
Zack Bekkers (zackreeder)
Zepheris Slade

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