Team Harshlands

Since 2014, Team Harshlands proudly supports ACS in the task of finding a cure to every type of cancer. Since 2014, we’ve been promoting teamwork, because there is no fighting alone.
There is no team competition, but a wonderful gathering of passionate souls, celebrating life.

We will never stop, not until a cure will be found.

Until then, every Harshlander will be a Light Bearer, a Vessel of Hope with the task of igniting the flame of compassion within the darkest hearts.

Cancer has affected everyone of us, and this is the aspect we’d have to focus the most. Nobody has experience life without cancer lurking at the door, and this is why we will fight together to make sure that the future generations will be able to cope with this darkness by simply casting a light. We’re building the bricks for a brighter era, fund by fund.

For the whole duration of this task, Harshlands will continuously offer a number of products to RFL, on and off season. Being a Team based off a Second Life Store, our primary fundraising source, is by adding numerous creations to the already existing RFL kiosks, but we participate in some of the major RFL events, such as Fantasy Faire, Home & Garden Expo, Relay Weekend…and more to come.

This year the task has become more relevant to us, and for this reason, we will probably begin creating our own RFL Events.

If you’re reading this, please reach out to a friend in need, offer your help, or simply be there. Look for a RFL Kiosk, and donate.

Remember: there is no small amount when it comes to fundraising. Even 1L$ can make the difference! As long as we fundraise together, Hope will never wither.

This is a call to arms, Light Bearers! Let us unite, and destroy this evil!

A RFL of SL Event

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