Team Gulls Wing Sailing Club

*GWSC supported RFL in the years previous to 2019 by having other RFL Team kiosks present.

*Team Gulls Wing (officially) started last year, 2019, and we had a late start.

*This is now our second year supporting RFL as a team.

*Our community has had quite a few people diagnosed with cancer and several passed a way from cancer.

*Dassani’s (our music venue) is named after a wonderful person named Dassani Storm. She was an advocate of RFL and made sure the RFL kiosks were in the club every season. Dassani passed from a very aggressive cancer on December 27, 2017.

*So Team GWSC relays for our friends and family in our community AND for every person in SL/RL who has been effected by cancer.

A RFL of SL Event

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