Tales from the Fairelands

Fantasy Faire in Second Life has emerged anew from the mists of the virtual world to create a new and immersive fantasy-inspired experience each year for the past eleven years. Since the 2015 Faire, writers have gathered to pen new stories and poems inspired by the Fairelands as part of the annual LitFest. And though the Fairelands disappear back into the mists every year, the stories remain to inspire and transport.

Tales from the Fairelands, on Fantasy Faire Radio, brings those stories to the regular listening audience throughout the year. Now, Tales from the Fairelands from 2016 to the present are available on Mixcloud to enjoy whenever you wish – 40 individual episodes with compositions by nearly 20 different authors, including some longer Tales that have never been broadcast before.

Visit FantasyFaireRadioSL on Mixcloud.com to begin your journey. https://www.mixcloud.com/FantasyFaireRadioSL/

A RFL of SL Event

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