Tales From The Fairelands 2019

The sixteen regions of the Fairelands have dazzled, comforted, and inspired visitors throughout its eleventh annual visit to our dimension. And as these wondrous lands prepare to vanish into the mists once again, we take comfort in knowing that there is something of them that will remain here with us.

As long as we know the stories of the Fairelands, they will never truly be far away. Many visitors found the inspiration to write.  They  have created our collective history. Here are links to all the collected tales for this year, gathered together by regions. We hope you find some familiar memories in the collective experience!

Tales From Faireholm
Tales From Light of Va’loth
Tales From Nightshade Blossoms
Tales From Sanguinely Garden
Tales From Bayounimba
Tales From The Shrine Tree
Tales From The Department of Discarded Curiosities
Tales From Twilight Spring
Tales From Tensors’ Flying Market
Tales From Midas
Tales From Fairelands Junction
Tales From Urafiki
Tales From Genesia
Tales From Trollhaugen
Tales From The Celestial Plain
Tales From Thornfast
Other Tales

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