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A look at the Worldlings

Since coming back to SL in early 2020, and enjoying my first faire since 2016, I was instantly drawn to the new to me Worldlings that appeared at Fairelands Junction. While I would have loved to have made one myself, it just wasn’t in the cards this year. I was still excited to go see them this year though.

To me they are like little brackdrops that tell you just a snippet of a store of a world not yet fully formed.

This year they are somewhat shrouded in mystery, as I could not find the Worldling stories anywhere on the site here.

FF2021 - Worldlings - Warwick Falconer

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Visit the Worldling Cradle!

When Junction calls and selects the worlds to be her companions, she picks the ones that complement each other, the ones that form a unity together. But among all these worlds of magic and enchantment, she also notices small sparks, seeds of worlds: ideas, concepts, dreams. Worldlings. She pulls some of them into her embrace, gently harboring them for the Fairelanders to see, so the Worldlings can grow from the flow of inspiration around them, from the heartbeat of the Fairelands.

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