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Roleplay in the Faire

Blackwater Glenn - I

A series of tales will be unfolding at the Faire, with four established roleplaying groups bringing their stories to the Faire. Each will tell a story over part of the Faire; there’ll be opportunities for Faire visitors to become involved, to watch key events in the stories, and to follow the progression of these tales through news bulletins on Fantasy Faire Radio, and through special pages in the Events section of the Fantasy Faire blog.

NeoVictoria in Asperatus

Rickety Weasels

Pirates of the Trade Winds

Mourningvale Sanctuary

NeoVictoria in Asperatus:

The story NeoVictoria will play at the Fantasy Faire is called “The Revenge of Professor Timmons.” In it, the professor has built a treacherous robot, which damages the town’s power center.  They  then make their escape to Asperatus.  The townsfolk chase after these miscreants, so there will be lots of excitement, fighting in the streets, and general mayhem going on. In the end, the bad guys will be defeated, and there will be a great big celebration on Friday, 9 May  (with Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel fame as the live DJ).


Rickety Weasels:

The Rickety Weasels roleplay has come to an end and a happy ending it was: the four Guardians and the fate of the Fairelands has been saved, and the Dark Shadow himself got dunked!


Pirates of the Trade Winds:

A group of desperate pirates have found themselves stranded in Blackwater Glenn, desperately seeking funds to repair their ship. What lengths will they go to to accomplish their goal? You’ll certainly find a warm welcome in their impromptu tavern – but will you also find your pocket lightened?


Mourningvale Sanctuary:

A dead body has been found in Mourningvale with visible marks of torture that are the same as those that have been seen on bodies found in the city of Sanctuary! The guards in Sanctuary have put out a bounty on the killer so people will use the stargate and travel to this new town of Mourningvale Thicket to look for possible clues to find the killer.

Mourningvale Thicket - II by Caitlin Tobias

All the sim pictures are stunning work of Caitlin Tobias
Thank you, Caitlin!

Faire Happenings

Palace of Tears_006

The Faire is constantly full of happenings: impromptu or planned. This is where you’ll find out about the planned ones, for the others you simply have to move into the Fairelands for their duration to not miss a moment. That’s what we all do!

This post will be updated to reflect the schedule of the next few days, it’ll stay on top of the site for easy reference.



Jail and Bail is a long-standing Faire tradition where the Tiny Sheriffs arrest people for heinous crimes (such as having waffles that should belong to the tinies) and set a bail for the Faire Folk to pay to free them. The bail is always paid into RFL kiosks. These occasions tend to turn into sudden riots of fun and are one of the trademarks of Faire Fun.


In addition to Fantasy Faire Radio that delights your ears everywhere in the Fairelands, we also have DJs playing for you several times a day. There’s usually a party going on somewhere in the DJ’s vicinity — the location might change depending on the DJ, best learned by being in time and listening to the stream — but even if you don’t feel like dancing, you can listen in while exploring the Fairelands.


All the pictures are the courtesy of Wildstar Beaumont.
Thank you, Wildstar!

Welcome to the Fairelands!

The Fairelands have fully materialized into our world and the portals have been conjured open. The enchantment will hold for eleven days only, so now is the time, now is the moment: come visit the Faire!

Fairelands Junction - 4
Sponsored by Sanctuary RP Community

Fairelands Junction (by Saiyge Lotus) hosts portals to all the other sims and will also be the place for the auctions during the Faire. Do not be in a hurry to rush out of the Junction, take your time to explore the breathtaking forest in peace.

Sponsored by NeoVictoria

Asperatus (by Beq Janus) – Above the rolling, turbulence of the thick cloud plains the silence is broken by the deep throbbing hum of engines. The mighty “Asperatus” fills the sky, once the preserve of super rich merchants, this mighty airship is now the mainstay of the small colony that drifts around it. Come walk amongst the clouds, explore unlikely airships and marvel at mankind’s ever ingenious (and frequently implausible) devices in this steampunk inspired city in the sky.

Sponsored by The Looking Glass

Blackwater Glenn (by Marcus Inkpen/ Sharni Azalee) – Rotting buildings sink into the swampy undergrowth as Nature reclaims this ground from Man. Gorgeous flowers and mysterious plants emerge sporadically throughout the swamp and pathways of open water lead to the centerpiece, a giant blossoming tree. Dark and murky, Blackwater Glenn has not been completely abandoned. In it you will find the light of hope. Let it lead you to rebirth.

Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron

The Faery Court (by Elicio Ember) – The Cycle of Life. Season follows season as Light chases Dark. Seelie and Unseelie perform their eternal dance in the form of a giant tree composed of two intertwining trunks, one green and flowering and the other dark and leafless. Visit the Court and proclaim your allegiance.

Sponsored by Creators of Fantasy

Heavenslough (by Alrunia Ahn/ Eldowyn Inshan/ Sweetgwendoline Bailey) – Not made of human hands, Heavenslough is a landscape sculpted for adventure and dreams alike. The forest is a playground for sprites and secretive fairy folks, while rising high above are the plateaus that stretch like rocky isles in to the heaven. Ancient stilt houses dot the marshlands and other abodes can also be seen perched in the leafy boughs of the the titanic trees. Watch your steps and expect the unexpected.

Sponsored by Dwarfins

Hope’s Horizon (by Jaimy Hancroft) – Inspired by Tolkien’s Minas Tirith, our White City gleams and shimmers on the horizon like a beacon leading wayfarers home. Carved out of the white rock of the mountains it clings to, Hope’s Horizon towers over the surrounding plains casting an aura of light into the darkness. Spiraling up lever upon level, the city ascends skyward crowned with a small courtyard. This majestic structure stands tall, upright, and full of power. One single blossoming tree stands at the top of it all to represent LIFE.

Sponsored by Solarium

Medhir Woods (by Rynn Verwood) – A land where magic, nature and civilization meet. An elven outpost, protected by large waterfalls, in the middle of an enchanted autumn forest.

Sponsored by Roawenwood

Mourningvale Thicket (by Searlait Nitschke) – Black trees with gnarled roots, twisting vines that grab at unsuspecting visitors, thorns the size of a man’s fist. Dark is the heart of Mourningvale Thicket caught fast in an enchanted sleep that runs wild with Night mares. However light creeps into even the most cursed of corners. Roses bloom in the moonlight and the sound of gypsy music carries on the wind as flames from distant campfires dance against the night.

Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Sanctum (by Alia Baroque) – Between Heaven and Hell.

Sponsored by Tiny Inc.

Wiggenstead Mooring (by Kayle Matzerath) – invites you to indulge in the part of fantasy that knows growing up is overrated! The built-up huts and bridges provide a magnificent view over the wild and whimsical beach jungle with its mermaid lagoon. Who knows what you might encounter in the Mooring: tiny sheriffs, dinkies, members of the Rickety Weasels fiercely protecting the Guardians of the Elemental Stones… come join the fantasy that never lost its delight in fun!

openingpalaceoftears1THE PALACE OF TEARS | SLURL

The Palace of Tears (by Rynn Verwood) is our hunt sim this year. The Palace of Tears hunt has been written by David Abbot, scripted by Encaitaron Korobase and it all takes place in the Faireland bearing the same name, designed and built by Rynn Verwood.

All the photos are by wonderfully talented Alisaundra Andel.
Thank you, Alisaundra!