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A Final Report from Da High Sheriff

Jail & Bail of Clover Dezno & Druscilla Ferraris, overseen by the High Sheriff OldeSoul Eldemar.

The Fairelands Watch wuld like to jest grup huggie but dat not berry pawlicelike. So we would like to say fanks – from all the fantastic Ossifers of da Long Paw of da Law to all da Fairelanders. We realize we berry exclusive grup! GRINZ!! Big fankies go out to Jailbirds Jessica Lyon who was assaulted wif questions from folks frum six different grids, All da Lindens including the Gov. who pawtisipated, da Bee Dumpling (such a pro and soo many fings fer sale), our pawlice fav da Alia Baroque who DUZ know how to build, jest ask us… we knowz. We ended wif our dear BKOD Kittehs da Clover Dezno, her TAG partner in crime, da Druscilla Ferraris and dere new BKOD accomplice da Zephyr Perelli. Wot a bunch!!

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