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Chronicles of Adair: The Missing Score

Hello. It’s me again, the Fairelander. If by some small miracle you are reading this message, then perhaps you will understand my plight.

Perhaps you, too, still set your Scroll of Teleportation for Junction, only to see a blinking cursor above a nameless ocean. Perhaps you, too, still wake up giddy to greet the morning at Midas, only to rub the sleep out of your eyes and realize that Ishtar’s Gate has drifted away with the Mists. Perhaps you, too, adjust the pieces of your complete Her Highness’s Treasures gacha set, only to feel a profound emptiness—a void where something should be.

In my case, that void is the blank page I now hold in my hand, one page among many that I found washed up on the steps of Midas minutes before the Great Bongs of Doom sounded and the Fairelands vanished into the aether.

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Meet Our World Builders: Delain Canucci & Tansee

Delain Canucci and Tansee are the world builders of the Faireland of Thornfast. It is the Adventurers’ Region, hosting the second chapter of the Fairelands Quest and also providing a fitting atmosphere for the tabletop games. They share their reasons to become world builders, talk about what inspires them and why they love to create in Second Life.

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