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The Party That Did Not Happen

‘When your back’s to the wall
When you’re starting to fall
You got something to lean on
Love is everything’

The end-party of the Fantasy Faire, a gathering of all Fairefolk and party-peeps from allover the grid, did not happen this year.
It was not held on The Rose, and certainly not in the pool. 78+ or more people did not dance and there was no fun. Nope. Nothing. Happened.

And no, I did not film anything. Nada.

The Tyrant’s End: Jail & Bail of Alia Baroque

“Choose The Rose’s Destiny and join me for an event that will change the Soul of a City. Tonight, 28 April at 3 pm slt at The Rose, Fantasy Faire.”
Yours, Alia

Come witness the Story of The Rose unfold before you, come decide the Fate of Alia Baroque, and with him, the Soul of The Rose herself.

Music provided by DJs Zander Greene and David Abbot. Crowd controlled by the Tiny Sheriffs Association. Voting for the Fate taking place through RFL kiosks with exclusive skin prizes: ones to reflect your choice and preference.

Friday, April 28th, 3 PM SLT, at The Rose
The decision is yours.