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Welcome to Erstwhile!

Welcome to Erstwhile

Descending upon the land of Erstwhile teleports one back to a distant past that sits nestled in the future. It is a land where long ago meets the excitement of the present with an ability to breathe the air of the of a time not yet to arrive. The gleaming brass frames of the colorful glass yields an imaginary field of fragrant metal wildflowers, stiff and unbending on the sunlit stone. The ambiance is inviting and invigorating. You’ve reached the launching point to propel yourself into the future without leaving the past behind.

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Full of Hope

And so it begins. Another year of the Fantasy Faire. The Fairelands are open to all and welcome everyone.

Full of Hope - a Fantasy Faire blogpost - II

As I have explored the amazing and wonderful sims the past days, thinking this year is even more gorgeous than previous years – but I think that every year! – I could not help but feel this year has a extra feel to it.

The feeling of hope. Hope for a cure, and a promise for a future. The Fantasy Faire is, after all, a RFL event and in Second life: an important one.

Full of Hope - a Fantasy Faire blogpost - I

Let’s keep hoping to find the cure and let’s promise to never forget those we lost.

Location featured in this blogpost:
Dawn’s Promise – by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
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