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Shahara’s Secret

Shahara, the dragon that carried the original party ship The FaireChylde for many years, decided to retire earlier this year, and she has been hanging out by the new amazing party ship fleet that still carries the proud name of The FaireChylde.

We completely assumed that after all these years she was simply tired of working all the time and wanted to enjoy the Faire like all the other Fairelanders do, but recently there’s been some visible cues to possible other reasons.

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Party Ship Fleet Coming Your Way!

The FaireChylde built by Ketsui Naidoo and Grimoire Hexem. Photo by RobynRedhead.

The Fairelands are on their way from the Mists, almost here! Our professional chrononauts estimate that they’ll be here in six days!

This year the new Fairelands bring with them a surprise: a brand new ship carrying the proud name of FaireChylde, a flag ship for a small fleet of party ships! The fleet will provide more space for the Fairelanders’ dancing paws, hooves and various other limbs.

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