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A Wandering Life

For some, a life apart was the only true way of living.


Never quite comfortable at the beginning, all things take some getting used to. Even ruts take time to wear in, furrows some time to plough. Some find comfort in the familiar, unaware of, or perhaps not caring about the wearing away and moulding they receive in return. The grit in the shoe, the twitching discomfort of muscle or soul, these plagued some past the point of forbearance. For better or worse, the pursuit of something ‘other’ had to begin.

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Meet Our Sponsors: Rivendale

LRRiven, creator and owner of Rivendale, world builder and sponsor of Tensor’s Flying Market. – picture by Gwen Enchanted

LRRiven, the creator and owner of Rivendale, is also the world builder and sponsor of Tensor’s Flying Market. She tells how her friends have become more and more involved in the creation of her Fairelands, how the creation process has developed and she shares the deeper meanings behind her Fairelands. 

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Since my first Fantasy Faire in 2014, and in the five subsequent years I’ve been blogging, helping with LitFest, working together with friends on collaborative writing projects for the Faire, and even helping with sponsoring regions and offering little bits and pieces of world building, I’m amazed with the sheer scope of the event. I love not only the little details of each region, but the beauty of regions viewed from other regions.

Tensor's Vistas BLOG - 7
Trollhaugen and Tensor’s Flying Market

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