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Fairefolk emerge

“What did you say?”

“No really, what did you say?”
“Oh, nothing. I’m just…”

Mona pushed off from the bridge, the softest whisper of wings on the air as she plummeted, rising again before touching the water, her wings setting up a steady beat as she sped toward Kit. Reaching the cliff edge, she chose not to land, swooping instead to a dead stop before her friend, unsteady only in that with each beat of her wings, she rose and fell several feet. These moods happened, she knew them well, and knew how to provoke Kit into shaking them off. The rise and fall was a tactic, an irritation supported in extreme cases by faces pulled and eyes crossed, all while staying just out of the reach of an outstretched arm.

“You’re just what?” Mona flopped over in the air, regarding Kit upside down as she dipped and rose. Not even a swipe as she came close. A frown gently creased her forehead, sure she wasn’t being anywhere near as annoying as she was able, but still!

The cool breeze of a sigh wshing over her was all the response she received. “There you go again!” she grumbled, twisting in the air, the beat of her wings carrying her back out over the chasm. “Bloody sighing! That’s all you’ve done all bloody day! Is it your damned ennui again?”
Kit finally moved, rising into the air herself. “If you ever let me express a thought without thinking you know what I’m going to say before my mouth even opens…”
Mona grinned, a single powerful sweep of her wings carrying her far out into the middle of the void. “Gotcha talking though didn’t I? Not just…” she mimicked a long drawn out sigh, “Breathing at me.” Following out into the open, Kit’s wings beat, sending a ripple of turbulence strong enough to cause Mona to drop, laughing as she fell.
“Oooh the ennui…” Mona cried, dramatically holding a hand over her heart. “The ennui of it all!”

“Idiot.” Kit smiled, the emotion almost reaching her eyes. “Do you not even know what day it is?”

Mona looked back, blankly. “Tuesday?”

“Idiot.” Kit repeated, humour finally glinting through. “For starters, it’s Thursday. And to finish, How can you not know what day it is?”

Mona shrugged, then blinked. “No. No? No!”

Kit nodded, “Oh yes, it’s snuck up on us this year. I mean, I knew it was coming… but I forgot just how much it takes. I just don’t know if we can do it justice.”

Mona looked around, noticing, apparently for the first time, that there was a chasm below them, behind them a bridge; the pressure of which, come to think of it, she could still feel against her spine, as though she had really rested against it. “Well…” she sighed, ignoring, or not noticing, the snort of laughter from Kit. “Well would you look at this?”
Kit nodded, looking around properly herself. “Beautiful isnt it?” Mona just nodded, amazed. The two hovered, hands reaching out to clasp each other. Once again they had form, the spirits that entertained and comforted through the year could now act.

The world blossomed around them. They were so busy, always, but this was something else. Mona squeezed Kit’s hand.

“We will do it justice. The people will come to see, to feel, to remember and to forget. The people will console and celebrate with us again. The people care.”
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The demon Mona

Horns: [CX] Ikenga’s Horns ( Gold )
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Raven
Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Fallen 2.0 (Not RFL)
Eyes: c – Forgotten Doll
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F – Ceredil – [SE D4] – TT-SB – NoBrow
Sleeves: [Gauze]&[Trap] Fuzz Gloves :Demon(spec)
Legs: [Gauze&Trap] Faun Legs – Short Demon

The angel Kit

Horns: [CX] Ikenga’s Horns ( Gold )
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Raven
Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Ascend 2.0 (Not RFL)
Eyes: Curious Kitties – Forgotten Doll
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F – Ceredil – [SE FF2016] – TT-FB – Brow
Sleeves: [Gauze]&[Trap] Fuzz Gloves :Unicorn
Legs: [Gauze&Trap] Faun Legs – Long:Unicorn

Poses for both – Mythril : Her Grace


Swim with Me – The Merge

Boop Beep Boop Beep

***Fairelands Service Announcement***

We interrupt this scheduled story to announce that the story will not end today. We(as in me, myself and I) have gotten many messages, both to IMs and by Notecard, that you did not want the “Swim with Me” story to end with the Faire. It was always the plan, that this was going to be an exclusive story series, done for the faire, allowing for similar interests and lore to flow in. It was a unique way to cover some of the items from the faire, at the end of each story.

Due to public response, it has been decided that the story will go on, or a story within the same mer realm, continued in much the same format , in short little snippets, with various info and item coverage at the end of each post. You will be able to follow the rest of the story, beyond this point, on the blog Pixel Mythos. A special page has also been created, so that you can view all the “Chapters” in one spot.

It is the hope that the particular story, with these characters, will continue on again, here, come Fantasy Faire 2017.

***This has been a Fairelands Service Announcement***

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Swim with Me - The Merge - 1

Riletta and her new friend, Big Blue, had been traveling for many Lights now, and the call, which came twice a day, so powerful, finally seemed to be getting closer. Having a Blue Whale nearby was handy as he could accurately calculate the distance of the sound waves. It wasn’t a skill she acquired, sorting out long distance vibrations, carried through the currents.

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Fantasy Cabaret at Sapphire Mirror Lake

LGC Fantasy Faire

There have been some amazing live performances at Fantasy Faire this year, and this weekend was no exception when the Lady Garden Cabaret took the stage on beautiful Sapphire Mirror Lake. The house was packed and the sim was quickly full ~ yes, these ladies are that good!  The incredible show was a mixture of fairy tale inspired ensembles with no imagination spared for the elaborately decorated sets.

If you missed the show, don’t fret. An encore presentation will begin promptly at 11am (SLT) on Sunday, May 1 on Sapphire Mirror Lake. If you didn’t catch the show, I can’t recommend it any higher. The ladies are also performing tomorrow, April 29th at 3pm (SLT) at the Lady Garden Cabaret on Pegasoi if you are unable to attend the Sunday show.


Head to Threads and Tuneage for the fashion scoop of the above image, Arabesque.

Fiends Who Haunt the Night

There are stories of ghosts who come to love the living whom they haunt; tales are told, even now, of monsters who creep through the shadows, lingering just at the edge of the village. They have roamed there so long that some say by now they have come to love that which they once tormented. Ravagers, unearthly marauders turned silent sentinels to the realms of the living.

It is rare that they keep names for themselves. Perhaps, once, there were those who loved them, who whispered their names sweetly, offered prayers for their safe-keeping, wished for their prosperity.. but if ever they had them, they are lost to the passing of time now. The stories in which they loom are confined to horror, to myth and fairy tale – the wolves who snatches wandering girls in the woods, the wintry men whose icy blades can shatter the steel of men. They aren’t ignorant to the tales, to the loathing born by those they’ve come to love. No… they simply grow to love them in spite of it, or perhaps, like the victim who eventually worships their tormentor, because of it. Who can say who hunted whom first? Did the wolf snatch? Or did the hunter’s arrow pierce through that thick hide first? Men have their own beliefs, and they keep them long and well, but like the grey nights in which they roam, monsters know a different truth. In everyone there is a little monster… and so in everyone, there is a little beauty.

So they tarry along, no footprints sinking into the snow from which they watch. Bright blue eyes gaze through darkness, toward windows filled with hearthlight and smoke drifting up from crumbling stone chimneys. There was a time when these sleepy homes would fall quickly, helpless before the wrath of the monsters who roamed the dark, but now they remain, their endurance assured because of – and not despite – the fiends who haunt the night.

Credits (for full credits, check out this post at Egos Like Hairdos)

Skin: DLS – Caleb (Ceredil – Dark – Chameleon)
Clothes: Paper Moon – Runic Cult: Priest (Silver)
Necklace: Alegria – Dragonborn Necklace & Bracelets
Crown: Alegria – Pure Ice Crown
Weapons: Eldritch – Iceheart Brand, Eldritch – Pathfinder Staff

Photo taken in  Ravenshold.