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Can we make it a Thousand in time for Fantasy Faire?

We currently have just over 900 “Likes” on Facebook – can we lift that to 1,000 by the time the Faire starts?

We will have a lot of news to share with you about Fantasy Faire – and we know you like to get it quickly! So make sure that you are signed up with your social media networks so that we can point you to our latest stories about events, people and, well, stories!

You can like and follow us on Facebook  @FantasyFaireSL
You can follow us on Twitter @FantasyFaireSL

In addition, there’s our Plurk (a network very popular in Second Life) @FantasyFaireSL

and you’ll find us on Flickr (@FantasyFaireSL) and on Pinterest (@FantasyFaireSL)

You’ll probably have an idea of how to find and follow us now, for the latest news and pictures!

If you think there’s important social media streams we’re not available on, please let us know in the comments.

And please don’t keep this to yourselves. Fantasy Faire is for sharing – and so is social media. Tell your friends about us, and how they can use social media to find out more. Help us boost our social media presence by sharing our stories.

In March 2015, we had 301 “Likes” on our Facebook Page and by the time the Faire finished, we had more than doubled that to 650. Last year, that rose again to 880. Today it stands at 913.

Can we get to a Thousand “Likes” before the Faire starts? If you tell your friends now, I’m sure we can!

And if you hate Facebook, perhaps you’d like to encourage people to like us or follow us on your favourite form of social media instead!