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Faireland Transformations – Mystic Deer

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - Faireland Transformations - Deer

Mystical Deer watching over the transformation of a hidden cave, waiting to see what mischief it can partake in while the humans shop nearby.

My first transformation this faire is into a Tiny Little Deer. I really enjoyed prancing around the faire in this one.

I tend to go shopping in little avatars now, as they are way lower in AC. People always seem to get a kick out of it, and want to take pictures. You will be a real hit dressing up as something not human. What better place to do it too.

I ended up finding this super cool cave at the Mistakes Were Made sim, I matched it so well, that it was an instant photo op.

The Fairelands have always been a place to welcome all types, and you will see many of the littler folk flitting about, on your journeys through the faire.

Join in on the fun, and grab your new skin for your Caboodle Fawn Avatar. All proceeds from your purchase of this skin go to Relay for Life.

The Caboodle Avatar is a gacha item, so in total this look costs less than L$300, which is not bad.

Store: SKS Designs
Designer: silverskyranch Resident
Item: Fantasy Fawn Mod Kit: Applier – Blue Mane (For the Caboodle Fawn Avatar)
100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Visit SKS Designs on the Lamented Fens Sim

Photo taken on the faireland sim Mistakes Were Made

The Sand and Heat we Love

Feet sink in the sand,
Well traveled,
Continuing forth,

A hidden Oasis,
Lush with trees,
Growing forth,

Blurred horizons are the view,
Dangers untold,
Shimmering forth,

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - The sand and heat we love


Voices on the wind,
Almost discernible,
Stretching forth,

The dunes roll,
As the winds play,
Shifting forth,

Still we come,
Through this place,
Setting forth,

Original Poem by Helena Stringer, inspired by the faireland sim, the Drifts of Anamnesis.
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Parting the Mysts

There is a magical time, every year, when worlds collide, from all different planes of existence. Reality is such a distorted thing, but sometimes a vision so clear comes about, that with enough thinkers, believers, dreamers, something forms.. It starts as a small grain, and quickly mudslides into something substantial. It is reality enough, though some would debate on that, when these realms are born in true manifestation.

Some don’t think much on it, and visit and behold these wonders. They don’t feel like they are stepping into someone’s head, or see that one place really has elements of places gone and past.

There are those that weep, for these new lands, they come from a familiar place, even though the magic only brings it for a short while.

For some it brings hope, hope of another day, week, month.

Others get to run again, stretch legs that actually function, have long flowing hair that waves in the wind and is the colour of cotton candy. A few sprout wings and fly for the first time, while friends take to the seas, flipping their fins. Some become something else, something not human, but that is okay, because all are welcome.

When the magic is alight, and the mists finally part, everything is finally possible, even if for a short time.

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - Parting the Mysts

It takes many to part the mists, and make them ready for the Travelers. Zehtsreya is one of the many wardens, who holds the mystical powers needed to part the way and make it clear. She bridges the divide on Queensgarden.

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On the Wings of Love

Wings, Wings, Glorious Wing! Fantasy Faire wouldn’t be Fantasy Faire without a plethora of wings for our faefolk! The following images are wings you can wear, pets with wings that you can rez or wear and winged decor items…. all available at this year’s Fantasy Faire.

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Visit to the Light of Va’loth

Light of Valoth

Greetings Fairelanders! Duchess here with some fantasy fashions that are available at Fantasy Faire 2019! My fae-ful friend, Kynne, joined me on the mystical sim, Light of Va’loth, that was designed and built by one of our favorite Second Life builders, Kilik Lekvoda of Titans and Solarium! Light of Va’loth is bathed in sweet hazy hues of amethyst and lit with brilliant rays of light emitted from the treasured Lady of Light. The stone structures are enveloped in tangled vines, shaded by ancient trees and relaxed by the sounds of the cascading waterfalls and babbling brooks. The sim is breathtaking and enticing and worth every second of your visit.

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