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Recap: Auctions

Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley as the Queenie, FantasyFaire

The final weekend of this year’s Faire is now over, and that means that both Silent and Live Auction are now wrapped as well.

Silent Auction ended on Saturday after a tense quick-clicking combat and brought over 500,000 lindens into the RFL kiosk.

Sunday was spent in the marathon of excitement that is known as the Live Auction. Build sets to make yourself a Faireland, already-familiar-and-loved landmarks from the Fairelands and highlights of the Faire were auctioned off in heated bidding wars and the RFL kiosk barely held itself up with the 2,347,688 linden dollars that were poured into it by the end of the evening.

Somewhere during the auction the threshold to 20 million lindens was broken, and not much later, 21 million lindens. Guess that 21 for 21 was not just about the amount of regions! We are currently at 21,578,147 linden dollars relayed to Relay For Life and American Cancer Society. That is 86,312 US dollars. 

There are no words grand enough for that statement. We need to come up with new ones. So, that’s Faire work! Thank you, Fairelanders.

Silent Auction Ends Today at Noon SLT!

Silent Auction ends and wraps up today, Saturday May 8th at NOON SLT!

Below you can find a preview gallery, but to point out just a few items, there’s SEVEN Libertine eggs, including this year’s Yggdrasil. There’s also three chicken avatars from Silas Merlin, so you can shapechange fittingly to tend to your new Fairelands Farm of Chickens. PaperFriends is providing free low lag avatars at the location, almost as a demo for their personalised one of a kind avatar that is up in the auction! Also four  official Faire coolbuses are available, the ones from the years 2013-2016. All this and much more, come on over and make sure your bid is winning at NOON SLT!

Previews for window-shopping below.

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Wandering Chickens Gacha

Silas Merlin, one of the world builders of Paer Thura, has been hiding chickens throughout the Fairelands. Why? Because the International Poultry Association declared that the flamingos have had their spotlight for too long, and chickens can share some of the winged attention!

The hidden chickens cannot be interacted with, although they are fun to search and find, but fortunately they have all been herded into a gacha for convenient fowl acquisition!

Edit: there is now an additional chicken in A’Dracunas! Find it and you can get that one for free!

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Auction Reminders

This year both the Silent Auction’s ending and the Live Auction were moved to the very final weekend of the Faire, which is in just a couple of days!

The Silent Auction is ongoing right now in The Dark Awakening, visit the site to make your bids and come over on Saturday to make sure your bids are the winning ones before the auction ends at NOON SLT on Saturday, May 8th.

The Live Auction will take place on Sunday, May 9th, NOON SLT in Paer Thura, so mark your calendars in advance!

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Silent Auction at The Dark Awakening

The Silent Auction is an ongoing auction featuring plenty of one-of-a-kind items, enormous fatpacks, and rare deals.

The auction naturally benefits Relay For Life. Browse the auction, make your bids, and check back often to make sure you’re still the highest bidder! The auction board sends you a message when you’re outbid, but it is best to still check just in case to ensure you are still the highest bidder!

The Silent Auction takes place in The Dark Awakening.

The auction will end on Saturday, May 8 at NOON SLT.

Check out the current previews below!

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