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Today’s Roleplay News from Steelwood on the Hill: April 27th

Thursday, April 27th
The Bitter Truth

Max returns from his camp with the diary. Other people join the group and they discover that they can enter in the crystal ball, but they can’t leave it


Max reads the diary and the informations don’t tell how to kill Balthezar but give them more informations about him and the life stones. Someone wonder if they can use them for break the curse.


Laura doesn’t look so normal, she still repeating that is all an invention and that is happening nothing around. Some thinks that she is under the influx of Balthezar.


Max evokes Balthezar that suddenly appears in front to them asking to have the book. He asks him to make them free but he refuses ordering Laura to take Max’s book.


Laura refuses to accomplish and Balthezar angry, goes away promising them a week without food for have them more available to execute his orders, before to vanish again. The crew decides so for a plan.
They will try to destroy all the life stones in once, but they will need the help of one Shaman (Maraya) hoping that is the right solution for destroy Balthezar next time he will appear.


Roleplay News from Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 26th

Wednesday, April 26th
The Ruins of The Spider Queen
Miriamne and the Spider Queen.
Today The Snake Cultist and the Heroes of Sanctuary continued ever deeper beneath the Oasis. First they came upon the scene of a terrible battle of long ago, where bones lay strewn beneath many webs of spiders. The webs were thick and constant throughout, spread everywhere, above and below. The scent of death yet hung here, as there were some rats that did not die so long ago.

The Adventurers

First our adventurers came across a huge spider, that immediately sprinted for Bast. It was a long battle. Misfired spells hit Lord Larkin, penetrating even his stout armor. Ogun’s Daughter and Miriamne both had to heal him.

Bast attacking ahead of the others.

At one point, the spider, trying to crawl up a web, fell on Miriamne’s head! Fortunately before it could do much damage, it was blasted free. It was a true group effort!
During the fight, Mia hit the Cultist with a burst of pink flower petals. It was a mighty strike that caused him damage and to sneeze like mad. He then wandered off, believing that he heard the singing of his dead wife.

Mia, Astrid, and Skylar

Finally, Lord Larkin had his due of the creature. It had lost three legs, mostly to Skylar, but now with a mighty blow It was very much destroyed.

A Terrible Foe

Astrid found the Gem of Defense this time, and gave it over to Miriamne, just as she found The Spider Queen.


The adventurers continued on. Soon enough they came across the Spider Queen and two of her young. She questioned them. She was also…hungry. It seems however that she had spoken to the Djinn whose domain this was already, and knew what was about. She had an Eye on the Snake Cultist, who had returned, but before she could do a thing, he found the sixth Gem of the Scepter behind her, and, even as he had begun to degrade from the nature of what he held, he blasted her to smithereens. The two child-spiders cried out in horror, and fled.

The Sapphire Djinn.

The Snake Cultist promptly removed himself no doubt to find the next Gem on the Morrow. The Sapphire Djinn meanwhile arrived. She asked Skylar and others to tea, as she’d now be lonely here without the Spider Queen to talk to. She revealed that Miriamne must now find the seventh Gem and be the one, as the Pure One, to battle the Cultist. She said that she would do it for her Home, Sanctuary, and for the family of her erstwhile Liege.

Miriamne in the Ruins of the Spider Queen.

The Latest News On The Lilypods at Mudrana: April 26th

Wednesday April 26th
The Enchanted Gem

The boy had been eaten by the Sunrise Fish and trapped inside. The Mother alone was tricked by the Pook into serving him in the form of a frog until he adopted the guise of a Prince once she served him.

His trickery got the Pook everything he wanted, and the woman was content until she found a strange orange gem near the pond.

The Lilypods were unsure what they would do next, and with Strifeclaw freed but missing they had no other guidance.


It was late that night that once again Brinley was approached by the Dark Spirits. She told them that no one would be detered from their ritual and that the results had obviously been for the best. The spirits warned that that the Bard King and Unweaver would now be focusing their attentions on the Lilypods more than ever.

Brinley pointed out that she and the others were prepared to fight. The spirits warned her that the Unweaver and Bard King had no need to fight to achieve victory.


“There will come minions, possibly even in disguise, who will try to take the gem you seek. They will take from you precious things, and seal the fate of the Godfrog and this pond to death, rather than lose.”


“Know this child…and spread our final warning. The Lilypods cannot find the Sunrise Gem in Mudrana alone. Search all the Lands today if you wish, but the enchantment upon it will prevent you from finding it. Only one who is considered an enemy to the Land of Mudrana can find it.”

Lilypod in Fallen Sands

Distressed, Brinley told the other Lilypods and they searched the Fairelands, but came up empty handed. Their guardian of the Air had no power over stones, the Guardian of the Earth Stone was still missing, and Dogstar was tired and occupied after the celebration the day before.

Frustrated, they returned home to think of a way to find the Sunrise Gem without the aide of their guardians before it was too late.

Today’s Roleplay News On The Outbreak at San Mora: April 26th

Wednesday April 26th
Day Three – Behind the Scenes

SanMora-Day Three

Suspicion builds as the Arklay survivors continue to have their questions deflected and dissuaded by the soldiers and avoided by the smiling scientists who may hold the answers they so desperately want. Guided through the city and always under watch, the Arklay survivors devised an impromptu plan to find out what goes on behind the scenes.. and what the San Morans are hiding behind those false smiles… but timing is everything and our survivors were almost thrown off track when the plan went astray.

Looking for their chance, several of the Arklay ship’s crew wait patiently to make their move, praying the moment comes quickly as one of their own is carried away for medical attention, deep into the heart of the San Mora Laboratories.

Will the Arklay survivors get another chance to execute their plan?

What is the San Mora soldiers true motives and will the separated Arklay survivors find out before its too late?

Join us tomorrow at 12pm – 2 pm SLT in San Mora to find out what happens next..

Roleplay News from Ynys Seamaide at The Spirit Pool: April 26th

Wednesday April 26th
Temptation And Threats From The Taint

Yesterday, the Envoys of Seamaide and their foreign aides were heartened by the revelation of clues that would lead them to the artifacts of the elements. Even more encouraging was the discovery of one of the artifacts: the artifact of Air, found by a winged female from another land.

Growing Group

As they gathered at the Spirit Pool for the seventh day since the Golum told them they had ten days to rid the world of the taint, the Envoys shared information with concerned beings from other lands. Three such beings volunteered to dive into the water in search of the artifact of Water, yet undiscovered. Such bravery was appreciated by the Envoys, who tried their best to warn the volunteers of the dangers they would face. The brave volunteers were undaunted by the reports of illness and other tolls the tainted water had taken on those who had attempted to navigate it in search of the artifact of Water.

And then the mood of spirit and cooperation was … tainted … by a hooded figure who told the group that the Femorians would escape their cages in three more days and rise to destroy the world. This dark figure taunted the Envoys, speaking ill of the Heart Tree, the very soul of Seamaide.

Hooded Male

The mood of the Envoys and aides was darkened by the hooded male, but they banded together, all aware they were forbidden to spill blood at the Spirit Pool, which was overseen by the Goddess herself.

And yet the hooded male continued to taunt the group until the appearance of the Spirit Wolf of Seamaide, a creature revered by all citizens of the land. It sniffed of the hooded stranger and the wolf’s swishing tail and launch-ready position told the interloper that he was little more than prey to her.

Spirit Wolf_001

The hooded male escaped, but the Spirit Wolf followed in pursuit. The Envoys dismissed the incident and continued the search with the help of the foreign aides. Not long thereafter, a shout was heard across the land, “One step closer to cleansing!” ((Attributed to Ktahdn Vesuvino))

With three days left, the Envoys of Seamaide and concerned citizens of other lands have located two of the four artifacts of the elements. They have not given up hope that they will succeed. Help them find the cure for the Taint!

((Note: Search the Spirit Pool sim for the artifacts with the Seamaide roleplay symbol on them. If you find all four and RP at one of the remaining scheduled Seamaide RPs at Fantasy Faire—check the schedule!–to demonstrate you have the items before the grand finale on the 29th, you will qualify for a special, unique gift only for those who participate in the Seamaide quest and RP.)

More News From The Lilypods at Mudrana: April 25th

Tuesday April 25th
Dogstar’s Ritual

After the Lilypods found the Sunrise Fish, many of them rested well that evening knowing what would be needed of them the next morning. But one child must always stay awake to keep the Godfrog awake as well.

Brinley the Lilypod was enjoying her evening, talking with Faire goers and keeping her dress from being eaten by passing deer when she visited Strifeclaw’s prison. There dark spirits spoke to her alone.

The Spirits Talk_001

They asked her why the children were fighting so hard for a land that had taken them so mysteriously, almost kidnapping them all.

The Spirits Talk_003

Before the taunting spirits departed they issued a dark threat, that their continued actions would provoke the Unweaver and they had other Guardians who could suffer as Strifeclaw had now.

The Spirits Talk_004

‘I don’t want this land to dry up and die!’ Brinley said defiantly. The Spirits departed and Lilypod left in a fury. She shared the warning, but neither she or the other Lilypods were to be detered from their actions.

We're ready

When the Lilypods, their allies, and caring Fairelanders arrived to help them, Dogstar cast his ritual on the Sunrise Fish.

Dogstar's Ritual

And Dogstar shouted to all present,

Signs of hope


Almost there


Now to break it


And he left us there to fill the stone with good will, charity, and cheer and the charity was great this day for 120,200 L was given by the end!

Freed Spirit(1)

The great stone fish cracked and the spirit bearing a truth was freed! It told how the Pook had tricked the boy into being eaten by the fish and was lost inside trapped for all eternity.

Even now it will repeat its tale about how the Pook, disguised as the frog tricked the mother into being his servant and turned into a Prince, but the tale ended as the mother found the precious gem he had gone in search of.

The Next part of the Story

The children believe they need to find that lost gem now in order to find the next peice of the story. Remembering their trapped guardian they rushed to see if the ritual had freed them as well.

Beryl's free but...

Her prison had broken open, but the Guardian herself was nowhere to be found. Was she taken prisoner, or was she truly angry with the children? This would be questions for tomorrow, as well as the search for the Sunrise Gem that would take them beyond the borders of Mudrana to all the Fairelands!

The Latest News From Sanctuary at Raven’s Perch: April 25th

Tuesday, April 25th
The Fifth Gem And The Caverns of Fire!

Today our fearless (Well mostly) adventurers ventured down and down, into the caverns of FIRE! The air was thick with noxious gases spewing from natural chimneys of rock, and the place was quite hot. Astrid was right at home.

Our Adventurers in the Cavern of Fire!
There they did battle against a most mighty demon foe! Astrid had spell backfires, as did Miriamne, who tried to heal her, and instead healed the demon! The one demonic hound hung back as the other attacked, but ran after taking a bit of damage, much to the anger of the demon, who called it a cur.

Astrid and Ogun's Daughter beside Miriamne

He wanted to keep her, and all of them, no doubt for fell purposes, being a demon. Instead of wounding the demon, the Snake Cultist launched a powerful spell at Bast, using the Four Gems he already had gained. Ogun’s daughter and Miriamne helped her to heal.

Tanith beside the demon!

A tiny angel baby crawled into the field, and sicked her pixy on him! The demon let out a terrible sneeze, and the angel baby was horrified by the demon snot. Tanith then caught him with an awful coughing fit by use of her pipe.

Angel Baby and her Pixie

The Gem of Defense was found by Bast once more, even as the Ruby Djinn arrived, and called off the demon and his demonic reptilian hounds.

The Ruby Djinn beside several adventurers.
The snake cultist found the Scepter Gem then, and though the Djinn did hit him, he managed to slither with it, to return on the morrow no doubt at all for number six!

The Ruby Djinn, Adventurers, and the Cultist!