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Roleplay in the Fairelands

This year there are three roleplay groups in the Fairelands, weaving their stories within them: NeoVictoria in Aurora, Sanctuary RP Community in the Spires of Andolys and the Rickety Weasels in Poppetsborough.

You might catch them roleplaying in the Fairelands: feel free to join in! There are also scheduled roleplay sessions when something important for the storyline takes place.

Saturday, April 25, 11am – 1pm: The Rickety Weasels The Tears of Poppetsborough – The Guardians Show the Way The Rickety Weasels have found a lead from the Elemental Guardians of Earth and Air and have been summoned to meet Saturday the 25th from 11 am to 1 pm slt to discover what can be done about the tears that are appearing in Poppetsborough. They have been told to bring their friends because it is only with the help of strangers that the world of Poppetsborough can be spared a terrible fate! Location: Poppetsborough

Saturday, April 25, 1:00pm – 2:30pm: Origins of Sanctuary: Lut’s Story – The Spell is Cast Today at the Spires of Andolys , again the magical community of Sanctuary casts its spells to show the past events in support of the tyrant Lut’s defense. Will the spell be powerful enough to indeed compel him to speak the truth? Join us and see, and once again, be prepared for any residual effects of the sometimes misguided magiks! Location: Spires of Andolys

Sunday, April 26th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm: The Rickety Weasels The Tears of Poppetsborough – Tall Tales with the Weasels The Anniversary of the Mouse is being celebrated today at 1 to 3 slt. The Weasels, the Guardians, and the Poppets will gather to share tall tales about the world of Poppetsborough and how it all began for them. Their accounts may conflict, but come get lost in the world of Poppetsborough for a short time, and hopefully no more terrible holes will appear in our world as we do. Location: Poppetsborough

Sunday, April 26th, 11:00am – 12:00pm: Origins of Sanctuary: Lut’s Story The Sanctuary Amazons will be on hand today at the Spires of Andoyls providing insight into Lut’s deeds from the point of view of the women of the city, how he strayed from his original goal of providing safety to those he’d sworn to protect, those skilled in the dark arts of magiks. The Amazons carry on that spirit by defending the Sultan’s original goal for Sanctuary as a haven for those beings. Are you one of the dark ones? Come and listen to their tales! You may be forever changed! Location: Spires of Andolys

All the times are in Second Life Time.

The NeoVictoria Project – White Wedding

Beginning on 15 April in NeoVictoria SIM, they will  bring their story of love and redemption to the Fairelands on Friday, 24 April, when our intrepid band of roleplayers land in the winter-city of Aurora!

Cursed to bring winter wherever he goes, a despairing fae scientist flees the Sidhe empire for Aurora. But fate and love are not so easily abandoned.  The shade of his human wife seeks the help of the NeoVictorians and they bring her to the Fairelands, to find her spouse and end the curse.

Aurora - Picture by Wildstar Beaumont
Aurora – Picture by Wildstar Beaumont

The Origins of Sanctuary – Lut’s Story

Once again, the long battle for control of Sanctuary is over and the tyrant Lut has been imprisoned. Now that the dust has settled, the people demand justice. The perpetrator of all our suffering shall be brought before the people for judgement and the origins of the city of Sanctuary shall be revealed.

Long ago Lut, the Sultan of Sanctuary, made a deal that that tore the realm from God’s judgment. This deal Lut has never had to answer for until now. The dark Sultan will be placed before judgment for this deal he made. Will he be found innocent and justified, or guilty and be destroyed because of it?

Did Lut act in the best interest of the people in order to save their humanity and his own, or did his rebellion against the wishes of God serve his own dark and twisted purpose? The city’s dark secrets shall be shown for all to see and sad tales shall be told, but one thing is for certain, Sanctuary will never be the same again!

Spires of Andolys - Picture by Alisaundra Andel
Spires of Andolys – Picture by Alisaundra Andel

Rickety Weasels – Tears of Poppetsborough

Long ago in an ancient Library cared for by an old man named Jack, a mouse climbed atop a mountain of books and sneezed from all the dust.  The mouse fell into Jack’s hands safely, but up above something unexpected and wonderful was happening.  A book had opened and a world of paper was being created along with a race of paper beings known as the Poppets.

Jack was delighted and surprised by the many magical things he found in this new world, including a small paper train which took passengers between worlds despite travelling only in a circle, people from other stories and lands seemed to visit this strange new world, though some were friendlier than others.

The Poppets were kind but frail just like their world, and Jack did his best to assist and preserve it.  He had unexpected allies from Beryl Strifeclaw and Avariel Falcon, the Guardians of Earth and Air in the Fairelands, whom would visit often and brought children to defend this world of imagination and wonder.

But now tears and holes are appearing in the pages of Poppetsborough, which are corrupting the stories with wickedness and drawing others into nothingness.  Is the magic failing?  Is some force attacking Poppetsborough?  Can a way be found to reverse this before Poppetsborough disappears forever?  The Rickety Weasels and their allies will do their best to discover the answers to save Poppetsborough from unravelling.

Poppetsborough - Picture by Caitlin Tobias
Poppetsborough – Picture by Caitlin Tobias

Avariel got captured! Join the Rickety Weasels on their rescue mission today Monday 5th at 1pm SLT

After Miranda, our Guardian of the Water Stone and Firefly, our Guardian of the Fire Stone, the Shadows devised a cunning plan to capture Avariel, our Guardian of the Air Stone!

We are planning a rescue mission tonight Monday May 5th at 1pm SLT and would need all the help we can.

So please join us tonight at 1pm SLT at our headquarters in Wiggenstead Mooring!


– The Rickety Weasels –

Rickety Weasels’ Beltaine ceremony gone wrong…

The Rickety Weasels were all set yesterday to celebrate the Beltaine ceremony and welcome Summer for another year, but it didn’t go quite as expected and two of their Guardians of the Elemental Stones got kidnapped by the Shadows…

If the Dark Shadow gets his hands on all four Guardians, he would be able to rule the Fairelands and all he likes is dark and depressing so that would probably not be good at all.

Help the Rickety Weasels find their missing Guardians!

If you see them or any of the Shadows, or find information about where they could be held, please report to the Rickety Weasels’ headquarters in Wiggenstead Mooring!

Rickety Weasels Wanted & Missing