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Daily Recap: Sunday

FF2016 - set A - Fairelands Junction_001
Fairelands Junction, picture by Wildstar Beaumont

Sunday was the last official day of Fantasy Faire this year. It feels surreal, it feels too soon. Surely we opened just yesterday?

The very last events rolled in early: the Region Tour to Blackmoor, Lady Garden Cabaret in Sapphire Mirror Lake, ColeMarie Soleil’s music and particle performance in Lucentia and the conclusion of Sanctuary’s roleplay in Dangarnon.

There was also a not-so-shocking Jail & Bail in Bright Haven as Clover Dezno and Druscilla Ferraris were thrown behind bars. These two tinies simply cannot stay out of trouble and every Faire the Long Paw of Law catches them sooner or later, which is inevitably followed by a not-so-tiny riot of tinies, always sooner than later.

Colver and Dru Jail and Bail
Clover and Dru in Jail, tinies protesting. Picture by Avariel Falcon.

The protests against the Pawlice Abuse rose to levels never witnessed before and with no intervention from Her High Faireness this time, the most magical of miracles happened! The innocent victims were freed and the Pawlice found themselves locked up instead!

Pawlice in Jail, picture by Caitlin Tobias
Pawlice in Jail, picture by Caitlin Tobias

This day will surely go down in Faire history. Mostly because I’m the one scribbling the said history, a Faire-day by Faire-day, and this day marks a great triumph in the struggle against the waffle-addicted tyranny of the Pawlice! …although one might also note that the moment they were locked up, there was about ten cunning plots for hijinks and shenanigans conceived within the audience. Perhaps… just perhaps we need the Pawlice after all. The bail money to free the accused, to keep them locked in, to lock up the Pawlice, to free the Pawlice to turn laughter into medicine reached 106,000 lindens in the RFL kiosks.

The jail and bail pawtay was followed by our traditional Live Auction. Every year we auction off pieces of the Fairelands so that people can bring a piece of magic home with them. In addition to the high bid items we also had Faire-souvenirs for sale so that everyone could take at least some mementos home. This year we had the banners from the website by Alia Baroque and a wonderful gacha of dwagis, decorated by several of our world builders.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley hosted the Live Auction on voice, bringing the crowd to happy smiles and not-so-hidden tears at times. Picture by Avariel Falcon.

The Live Auction was hosted by Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, whose voice kept the audience caught in that rare mix of emotions where you feel you could cry, but cannot stop smiling. The whole auction brought to mind very strongly why we bring the Fairelands back every year, why we Relay.

The highest selling item that turned into a heart-stopping bid war was the Last Hope statue from Dangarnon. Both Searlait Nitschke and Gwen Enchanted had decided they had to have this beautiful harp-playing sculpture. In the end and after a discussion with DRD’s team, a compromise was made: both Searlait and Gwen paid 205,000 lindens and both of them received the statue, and all the Dangarnon extras the DRD team added to it. This is the first of its kind solution in the Faire history and it made the whole audience both stunned and weepy, for everyone knows that purchasing Last Hope for RFL is in fact giving that Hope for many.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
Live Auction, picture by Avariel Falcon.

Altogether the Live Auction had about twenty items up for bid, including for example the whole region of Breeze, all the Coolbuses, fancy hedgehogs from Echtra, the crystal from Lucentia, memorials from Blackmoor and Serenity, forests from Twilight Illusion and Lucentia, OtherWorld geology pack, special FF-marked Egyptian statues from The Golden Delta and even the Dark Tower from Dangarnon! Together with the souvenir-banner and gacha sales the Live Auction brought over one million lindens for Relay For Life.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
May Day Masked Ball, picture by Avariel Falcon.

The final wrap-up of the Faire was of course the May Day Masked Ball, taking place in Sapphire Mirror Lake right after the Live Auction. The party was DJed by Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel, our media partner who makes Fantasy Faire Radio possible.

The King, Queen and the Chancellor of Fantasy Faire were revealed during the party, the Faire Folk’s votes favoring The Last Unicorn as the Chancellor, October Daye as the queen and The Goblin King as the king of the Faire!

The party kept going well past the official hours to the point when even the most determined Fairelander had to succumb to sleep, to continue the Faireland exploration in their dreams.

By early morning hours of Monday Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 7,375,719 lindens, which translates to $ 29,503 US dollars! This is a stunning achievement and it leaves all of us speechless in gratitude. Well done, Faire Folk. Magnificently well done.

Although the Faire is now officially closed, the Fairelands are still open! There are no more events and the higher powers known as the Linden Lab can and may make the Fairelands fade into the mists whenever they wish, but we have been given the understanding that all their mist-fader-machines are reserved until Wednesday, giving us a couple of extra days to wander around the Fairelands, explore, shop and even finish the Quest! Yes, the quest stays open and playable as long as the Fairelands exist. Speaking of, if you have finished it, please give us feedback on it!

So peaceful
Coolbus, picture by Alisaundra Andel

Come join us in the last few days of the Fairelands this year! Who knows, there might be more bus rides happening…

The Fantasy Faire 2016 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: .Arcadia., Building Daydreams, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Empyrean Forge, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., KittyCatS!, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Storybook, The White Armory and Yasum Design.

Sapphire Mirror Lake – Arts and Entertainment Sim (Haveit Neox)-Justen Tyme-028
Sapphire Mirror Lake, picture by Justen Tyme

11AM – 1 PM: Clover & Dru JAILED!


From the Office of the Faireland Sheriffs

The word “ebil” gets tossed around a LOT these days. Ebil here. Ebil dere. Ebil eberwhar!! AIEEEEEEEEE!!!! (Sorry, scared myself.)

But there are two names that have always been synon – synonamu – syn – that mean the same thing as EBIL! Druscilla Ferraris and Clover Dezno. Yes, the Kitty of Chaos and the Ferret of….something bad that begins with F.

Dees two neber learn! Have we warned them? Have we been patient? Have we given them every chance to straighten up? Have we run out of rhetorical questions? If you answered yes to all of these then good for you! Here’s a waffle!

And what are we gonna do?? We’re gonna lock ’em up! We gonna lock ’em up and take the key to the cracks of Mount Doom (maybe stop at a Stuckey’s along the way for a Pecan Log). We gonna melt that key down, take the little melty lump and throw it in the bottom of Alia Baroque’s toy box, cus NOBUDDY in their right mind would go looking for it in there! <>

So! There remains only one question that we, the Faireland Sheriffs now ask of you, and it is this:

You gonna eat that waffle?

We is da Law. We haz spoken!



Jail & Bail of Clover and Druscilla will take place in Bright Haven 11AM-1PM, come join the fun witness the injustice!

My Sanctuary

My dears, while the Fairelands were sizzling with events this past week, I was kept busy by RL… yet I do not complain. Yes, I did miss most of the parties and the crazy chats and the shopping and, especially, those long picture taking evenings… but I never was away from you, not really, not for an hour.

Some of you might remember I teach at med school IRL, and this week’s topic is one of the most difficult ever in the curriculum: how to communicate with terminally ill patients. My “kids” have already had their obligatory morgue experience, yet this obligation of theirs, that they must deliver some really bad news to their patients in the future, weighs them down… and, well, ever since my rendezvous with Big C, well… my perspective on life and death has also changed a wee bit.

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Sanctuary

Yes, my relationship with my students is different now, but it has not weakened. On the contrary.

You were there, with me, in the classrooms and lecture halls this week. I was supposed to talk about terminal illnesses and the dying process… yet, somehow, I found I was happily babbling along about you, Faire Folk. How you relay. What being connected means, what strength this virtual-yet-very-very-real network of human relationships offers us, caregivers, survivors, and sufferers. There was silence in the classrooms and lecture halls while I was sharing my personal experience with these young people who – biologically speaking – could be my children, who already carry some unimaginably great weight upon their shoulders and who, sometimes, are nothing more than frightened babies left alone in the dark woods.

I expect to meet you all next year, here. Same time, same place. Don’t be late. I’ll still be kicking cancer in the arse, but my students will be a fresh batch, smart doctors-to-be who sometimes are oh-so-very afraid of the dark. They’ll need you, and so shall I … don’t be late, then. I count on you, Faire Folk. Each and every of you. Meet you soon… and thank you for giving me, and my fellow sufferers, a more-than-real sanctuary in the Fairelands.

Story of Hope: Rhyver’s Tale

Rhyver Starspear in Tangleshimmer Grove 1

After Pookie Wolfsong came forth with her story about bringing patients to the Faire from her work as a caregiver in a cancer treatment center, we have received a multitude of comments on the story. It has touched many, including all the organizers of the Faire. Today we get to hear the rest of the story, the other side of the coin, from one of these visitors, Rhyver Starspear. This is her tale.

I came to the Faire after my caregiver got me into SL. I was recovering from surgery and chemo. I saw her one day online in this beautiful place. I asked her what it was, she told me about SL and spent her lunch time getting me set up. She took me to Fantasy Faire 2015. I was amazed by how wonderful it was. I’d heard of Relay For Life. I never knew about this Faire… self in the Fairelands.

My caregiver then told me to mod my avi to what I wanted to be, what I would like to become. I came to the Faire as a little wolf girl. Scared and nervous. I became a kitsune wolf rider and explored everywhere, I escaped my daily living of treatments and rehab. I looked forward to my wanderings in the lands. I grew stronger, I had something I thought I lost: Hope.

All these people coming here. I was not alone, there were others in the world who really care. I feel that helped me with this battle with cancer.

These lands are magical and the people who bring the Fairelands forth are angels. The work that goes to bring this is incredible. Thank you all for making this happen.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rhyver. We are happy beyond words that the Fairelands are able to provide help and inspire hope, and we wish you continue to find enjoyment in their return.

Rhyver in Wildehaven Marsh 2

Rhyver in Wildehaven Marsh 1

Live Auction Today 2-4PM!

Breeze Auction

Every year as we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to the Fairelands for a year, we offer parts of them for the Faire Folk to bid on. This Live Auction often leads to crazy bid wars as Fairelanders try to make sure they get a piece of the Fairelands home with them.

This year we have for example the whole Region of wonderfully sunny Breeze up for bids! There’s special FF-marked Black Anubis and The Guardian of the Delta statues, collaboration of Fallen Gods Inc. and meadowWorks. If you’re looking for something smaller (and ten times cuter), how about all the hedgehogs from Echtra? Does your garden call for more statues? Both the Cinderella and Last Hope statues from Dangarnon could be yours, as also the Dark Tower. There’s much more than this available in the Live Auction, the only way to find out if your favourite piece of the Fairelands could be yours is by coming over!

DJ Zander Greene will be spinning right up to — and out of — the Live Auction, which will be hosted by Her High Faireness: Elizabeth Tinsley!

Join us in Sapphire Mirror Lake 2-4 PM on Sunday, May 1st! 

Altar of the Guardians

Hedgehogs of Echtra - live auction

DRD cinderella statue

DRD dangarnon tower

DRD last hope statue