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Fantasy Faire at Relay Weekend

On the scale of one to gazillion, how much are you missing the Fairelands? Did you miss your chance of taking pictures of you on the Cool Bus? Have you never seen the Sacred Flamingos that are the first to land on the freshly emerged Fairelands every year? Is one of your Faire gachas incomplete?

Worry not, for some pieces of the Fairelands have landed on Fantasy Faire’s campsite at Relay Weekend, going on right now! Go dance with the flamingos, admire bus details, play some gachas and then go enjoy the rest of the Relay Weekend!

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The Jewell Theatre comes to Fantasy Faire with the tale of Scheherazade’s Daughters

Scheherazade’s Daughters

This year, for the first time, the Fabulous Jewell Theatre will be coming to Fantasy Faire with an exciting new production – Scheherazade’s Daughters.

It’s a modern take on an old classic. Cursed to tell endless tales endlessly in Cyberspace, Scheherazade’s Daughters spin their stories until they break the rules and tell their own forbidden story.

The play will be staged in Overtroll on Trollhaugen – a special theatre built high above the clouds.

The first performance wiill be on Saturday 20th at 2pm Saturday 21st April at 2pm; there will be a further performance at 2pm on Saturday May 4th.

You can learn more about the fabulous Jewell Theatre here!

All Builders Together

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and Da5id Abbot

As we write this, Elizabeth’s chasing late-arriving merchants, Zander’s in studio producing pieces for FFR and David’s on top of a tower watching the check-in team working to help those merchants who’ve already arrived and set up their stores. It’s the Faire in a nutshell: everyone working in their own tasks to create a larger whole, and that again is a snapshot of Relay, which is a snapshot of the fight against cancer.

Last year, we said “We’re all builders now.” It’s still true: the Hope Hostel at Kenyatta National Hospital is almost ready to begin, and by the end of this Relay season we’re pretty confident that they’ll be ready to break ground, but we’re building – and we have built – more than a place for people to stay. We’ve built a home here in the Fairelands that we each take with us when the mists return and we go our separate ways for another year. We’ve built a dream of a better world – one where cancer is easily treated and where survivors and caregivers no longer have to face the struggles they do now.

Most importantly, though, we’ve built a community.

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A Message to the Fairelands from Kristen Solt, American Cancer Society

Dear Fairelanders,

In the past year, I’ve learned so much about Fantasy Faire and I’ve been amazed by the similarities between your story and that of the American Cancer Society. I’ve seen that the same themes, the themes of innovation, community and kindness, exist in both stories and define us both just as clearly. As I’ve shared in your tale and proudly made it part of my own, it’s been clear to me again and again that the tales of the Fairelands and the American Cancer Society are actually one and the same.

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Before we open … it’s time to nominate your choices for King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

The Bard Queen is the ruler of the Fairelands, but every year YOU get to choose the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire itself!

Whoever is your favorite fantasy character, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Live Auction!

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Meet Our Faire Builders: Zander Greene

Zander Greene, Co-Captain and a Founder of Fantasy Faire. Picture by David Abbot.

Zander Greene, the Co-Captain of Fantasy Faire and the Founder of Fantasy Faire Radio is also one of the Founders of the Faire. He recounts how the Faire was born a decade ago, talks of how it has changed during these years and reveals the Heart of the Fairelands.

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Fairelanders Called To Action


A little while back, I had a chat with Stingray Raymaker. In the Outworld, Sting is actually Jeff Montegut, the Director of Online Revenue at Relay For Life, and the Staff Partner to the Relay For Life of Second Life.  A chat with Sting is always inspiring, but this one…well, this one was rather special. And the time has come to share it with all of you.

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