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Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

It’s time for the Relay Weekend and Fantasy Faire has its own campsite on the track. If you wish to hang out with other Fairelanders, dance to your own drums on the deck of the FaireChylde, or just pause for a peaceful moment before the next lap, feel free to enjoy the site.

The Days of the Faire banner collection is now complete, and all the banners are available at the campsite. This includes the ones released during the Faire, and the new never-seen-before ones. If you want to grab these mementos from the Fairelands of 2022, this is your chance!

Visit Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

Vote for the Wafflies!

There are three films nominated for the Wafflies in the fictional category (there is already an outright winner in the factual category). And now is the time for people to VOTE for their choice.

The three films are:

Once Upon a Time by MacGuyver Mode

Other by the Jewell Theatre

Judi’s Jaunt by Judi Newall and Lorin Tone

Now it’s your turn to choose the winner of the Wafflie!

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Faireland Transformations – Psychotropic Fungi

Hidden in the undergrowth, a brightly coloured cap can be seen, resting. What slumber it must have in a place like this!

Careful as you walk around Necturn Moon, as you wouldn’t want to crush any of the little denizens that live here. They try to stay hidden from view, until they know it is safe.

With so many things to see, it can be easy to miss one such as this, looking like a mushroom all nestled in the growth.

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