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Dispatch from the Roleplay: The NeoVictorians Arrive in Aurora

Poster for White Wedding
Our roleplay cycle for Fantasy Faire 2015

White Wedding ~ The Trip to Aurora

Event Description

The scene begins in NeoVictoria as the NeoLondoners make the trip to Aurora. They arrive in Aurora and set up the bride in the Cathedral. She remains there as they fan out to learn about the city and find the groom.

Players: Asil Karu as herself; MadMechaMessiah Resident as Leander Hatfield; AlyssTheMenace Resident as Nourie Hadig; NataliaDArtigo Resident as Natalia; Jhaesoph Foxdale as himself; AlexisKattalakys Resident as Alexis Kattalakys; Akasha Electricteeth as herself; peacelynxtree Resident as Lynx the Half-Pooka and Adara; Treyhem Whitfield as Treyhem Sleipnerson; Argus Steamweaver as himself; Crispin Sturges as Piotor; and Asil Ares as PortaImp FirstClass WhiteSmoke.

About the Project

About The NeoVictoria Project: NeoVictoria is a unique dark roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. Built with a Steampunk aesthetic, the goal of The NeoVictoria Project is to create a virtuous circle where roleplay becomes filmed story. Website: http://www.neovictoria.net. Contact for NeoVictoria: Asil Ares.

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Roleplay in the Fairelands

This year there are three roleplay groups in the Fairelands, weaving their stories within them: NeoVictoria in Aurora, Sanctuary RP Community in the Spires of Andolys and the Rickety Weasels in Poppetsborough.

You might catch them roleplaying in the Fairelands: feel free to join in! There are also scheduled roleplay sessions when something important for the storyline takes place.

Tue, April 28, 1:00pm – 2:30pm Roleplay: Origins of Sanctuary: Lut’s Story – The Prosecution Presents its Case The Sanctuary RP with the Child of Lut players continue today in court. The prosecution shows the other half of the past events to support their case of how the sultan broke the deal that was made long ago. Bring scroll and quill and keep track of the evidence! Location: Spires of Andolys

Tue, April 28, 6pm – 9pm Roleplay ~ White Wedding: Search for the GroomThe NeoLondoners search for the groom. Perhaps with the help of the Aurorans, we find him. Location: Aurora

All the times are in Second Life Time.

The NeoVictoria Project – White Wedding

Beginning on 15 April in NeoVictoria SIM, they will  bring their story of love and redemption to the Fairelands on Friday, 24 April, when our intrepid band of roleplayers land in the winter-city of Aurora!

Cursed to bring winter wherever he goes, a despairing fae scientist flees the Sidhe empire for Aurora. But fate and love are not so easily abandoned.  The shade of his human wife seeks the help of the NeoVictorians and they bring her to the Fairelands, to find her spouse and end the curse.

Aurora - Picture by Wildstar Beaumont
Aurora – Picture by Wildstar Beaumont

The Origins of Sanctuary – Lut’s Story

Once again, the long battle for control of Sanctuary is over and the tyrant Lut has been imprisoned. Now that the dust has settled, the people demand justice. The perpetrator of all our suffering shall be brought before the people for judgement and the origins of the city of Sanctuary shall be revealed.

Long ago Lut, the Sultan of Sanctuary, made a deal that that tore the realm from God’s judgment. This deal Lut has never had to answer for until now. The dark Sultan will be placed before judgment for this deal he made. Will he be found innocent and justified, or guilty and be destroyed because of it?

Did Lut act in the best interest of the people in order to save their humanity and his own, or did his rebellion against the wishes of God serve his own dark and twisted purpose? The city’s dark secrets shall be shown for all to see and sad tales shall be told, but one thing is for certain, Sanctuary will never be the same again!

Spires of Andolys - Picture by Alisaundra Andel
Spires of Andolys – Picture by Alisaundra Andel

Rickety Weasels – Tears of Poppetsborough

Long ago in an ancient Library cared for by an old man named Jack, a mouse climbed atop a mountain of books and sneezed from all the dust.  The mouse fell into Jack’s hands safely, but up above something unexpected and wonderful was happening.  A book had opened and a world of paper was being created along with a race of paper beings known as the Poppets.

Jack was delighted and surprised by the many magical things he found in this new world, including a small paper train which took passengers between worlds despite travelling only in a circle, people from other stories and lands seemed to visit this strange new world, though some were friendlier than others.

The Poppets were kind but frail just like their world, and Jack did his best to assist and preserve it.  He had unexpected allies from Beryl Strifeclaw and Avariel Falcon, the Guardians of Earth and Air in the Fairelands, whom would visit often and brought children to defend this world of imagination and wonder.

But now tears and holes are appearing in the pages of Poppetsborough, which are corrupting the stories with wickedness and drawing others into nothingness.  Is the magic failing?  Is some force attacking Poppetsborough?  Can a way be found to reverse this before Poppetsborough disappears forever?  The Rickety Weasels and their allies will do their best to discover the answers to save Poppetsborough from unravelling.

Poppetsborough - Picture by Caitlin Tobias
Poppetsborough – Picture by Caitlin Tobias

The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 10

Time: May 10, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm
Location: Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Asperatus SIM]
Organized By: Jhaesoph Foxdale

NeoVictoria Players: Bertrand Emerald as Professor Heironymous Timmons, kaelyn001 Resident as Kaelyn, Myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai, Ogawa Resident as Orion the Hunter, RedShirtedAgain Resident as Red the Dread, Rowena23 Resident as Dame Rowena Desade, Tarquin Evermore as Samuel Bellamy, ValentineAdler as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler.

Event Description

10 May (Saturday) Scene 10:  In Asperatus.  The NeoVictorians await the prison ship MarshalC, which the Auditor has arranged, and prepare to return to NeoLondon.  The prison ship arrives; the Professor and his robot are put on it.  The captain agrees to drop the NeoVictorians back on NeoLondon, and they depart the Fairelands.

But do they make it home safely? 
Join us, back in NeoVictoria SIM, on Monday evening (6 PM, SL-time) for the conclusion of “The Revenge of Professor Timmons“!


This is NeoVictoria’s final post to the FantasyFaire website.  We hope you enjoyed the roleplay and our daily dispatches, with amazing videos by Studio Yue If you want to learn more about The NeoVictoria Project, please see us in-world or visit our website.

Gabrielle Riel
Gabrielle Riel, General Director of Radio Riel, and the Prim Minister of The Riel Estates – St John Parish & St John Woods

A Parting Gift

Here is a parting gift, courtesy of the amazing Gabrielle Riel, who was kind to DJ a great party for us in Asperatus on Friday night.  She uploaded the party play-list to her MixCloud page, so for some steampunk goodness, please follow the link and enjoy!  NeoVictoria – The Concluding Celebration for Dr. Timmons’ Revenge by Gabrielle Riel on Mixcloud.

The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 9

Time: May 9, 2014 from 5pm to 10pm
Location: Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Aspertus SIM]
Organized By: Asil Karu

NeoVictoria Players: Asil Karu as Asil Karu, Bertrand Emerald as Professor Heironymous Timmons, Juliana Swordthain as Lady Juliana, kaelyn001 Resident as Kaelyn, Kitiarafox Resident as Kit, Myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai, Rowena23 Resident as Dame Rowena Desade, Tarquin Evermore as Samuel Bellamy, ValentineAdler as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler and Xiuhcohtl Balazic as Anya “Ginger” Greer

Asperatusians: Gabrielle Riel and the many residents and visitors of Asperatus.

Event Description

9 May (Friday) Scene 9: In Asperatus.  NeoVictorians track down the robot and capture it.  It is caged in a rune lock and the professor is secured for the trip back to NeoLondon.  The city rejoices and a party ensues at Mrs. Chickenstalker’s Apothecary and Dry Goods Emporium.

[Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel live DJ’d the event from 6 PM to 9 PM, SL-Time!]

We complete the roleplay today (Saturday) in Asperatus.  Join us at 6 PM, SL-Time as we return home to planet NeoVictoria with our prisoners in-tow. 

Robot Emerges from Hiding
Timmon’s Robot lumbers to the edge of the hidden alcove the Professor told him to stay within. It has been a long time since the professor left. The robot knows exactly how many seconds have elapsed. Programming argues with artificial intelligence. AI wins. The robot emerges cautiously.
Professor Heironymous Timmons rolls his head, still strapped into the chair, the drugs from the previous night coursing through his system. He drifts in and out of consciousness, occasionally giggling or muttering something incomprehensible.
Val Prepares
Valentine ‘Val’ Adler pulled a bag out from behind an indiscreet slot in the shelves containing the professors belongings, “Ah, this should do the trick! Shall we?” He patted his pocket to be certain the key was there, then gestured for Sam to lead the charge.
It's Here
Asil Karu: almost falls over as she sees the robot walk into the store, as bold as can be, and make its way to the Professor. “It’s here!” She almost screams the words.
He had memorized the picture of the machine from the newspaper, so when he saw the robot, he brought it forth. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the sidhe said with a grin. “I think we should prepare for battle.”
Robot Down
Timmon’s Robot paused as the key made contact with the keyhole. A shutter ran across its brass housing, causing a high-pitched groan. It spoke. “Stop that, you –, yo–, y–” A sway, a stutter step, then a fall to the planked floor, the sound of crashing wood.
“Why don’t you do the appropriate thing and let him stand a trial? Who knows, we could see if he can reform in a jail cell.” As he did this, he sheathed the blade on his back. It’s bad when the battle-hardened and black armored death-elf is the guy saying give peace a chance. “Killing him is unnecessary. He’s obviously unable to harm you lot.”
Asil paints the runes into the air and the creature floats up and over into the sphere of light. The gears in the box begin to whistle as the runes lock the creature into a state of perfect stasis; every electric impulse is quieted until it is no more than a statue.
Valentine ‘Val’ Adler looked to the Professor for a long time in silence, stroking his chin as he considered the various things that could be done to the man. He at long last spoke up. “I believe.. we should keep him alive. We could use him.. even as crazed as he seems to be. He will be a free man by no means, but we will have to detain him someplace.. proper.” He nodded thoughtfully.
Lift Him
Myomy helps Val unbuckle the metal bracelets holding the professors wrists and ankles. She takes an extra sheet from the table nearby and drapes it over the sleeping scientist. “I will help you lift him, Val. On three?”
Valentine ‘Val’ Adler smiles, and carts off the professor to stow away in a temporary, padded holding cage until they are able to put him to trial.
She smiles toward the crowd and take a small bag of gold from her pocket. Walking toward the musician, she drops the bag on to their console. “A gift from Mrs. Chickenstalkers …drinks and food are on the house tonight!”
And the dancing begins!!

The Revenge of Professor Timmons: Scene 8

Time: May 8, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm
Location: Mrs. Chickenstalkers [Aspertus SIM]
Organized By: Asil Karu

NeoVictoria Players: Asil Karu as Asil Karu, Bertrand Emerald as Professor Heironymous Timmons, Juliana Swordthain as Lady Juliana, kaelyn001 Resident as Kaelyn, Kitiarafox Resident as Kit, Lucian42 Resident as Lucian Rowe, Myomy Resident as Myomy Ohmai, Rowena23 Resident as Dame Rowena Desade, Tarquin Evermore as Samuel Bellamy, ValentineAdler as Valentine ‘Val’ Adler and Xiuhcohtl Balazic as Anya “Ginger” Greer

Asperatusians: VieraFran Resident and Destany Laval

Event Description

8 May (Thursday) Scene 8:  In Asperatus.  The Professor leaves his lair in search of materials to repair the robot.  The lycans are able to track him by his scent and he’s secured to a chair in Mrs. Chickenstalkers, where the Auditor and the Editor appeal to the madman’s vanity.  He’s persuaded to give them a key that will let them catch the robot!

We continue the roleplay today (Thursday) in Asperatus.  Join us at 5 PM, SL-Time and help us find the robot. 
Plus, we’re having a super-fantastic party from 6 PM to 9 PM, SL with Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel helming the Asperatus land stream.  You’ll only be able to hear the tunes if you come into the Asperatus SIM, so do join us!
Asil Karu drops the shirt down on the counter before the two lycans; terrifying in their wereforms. “A gift from NeoLondon; from the professor’s closet in Lord Coat’s castle. I can smell the stink of him; I’ve no doubt that you both will be able to track him, now you can take his scent.”
Lucian Rowe makes his way across the pipes and bridges. The scent comes to him and he picks up the pace following ginger. She was not as big as he, but she seemed to be very skilled at the hunt; something to be respected.
Light Blub
Professor Heironymous Timmons leaps back from the brown wolf and attempts to run the other way, but runs smack into the white one. He twists his arm slightly, and the hook retracts to be replaced by… a light bulb? “Hah! Think you can intimidate me with your bulk, giant beastly things? Take this!” The self-assured grin on his face was quickly replaced with a gasp of abject horror as he realized he’d swapped out the gun with the light bulb some time ago.
Out Like a Light
Anya “Ginger” Greer would throw her arms around his body and jerk him against her chest. A long snort of hot air pouring from her nostrils to his ears, as the lycan grunts a few times – the sound not unlike laughter. Professor Heironymous Timmons shivers in the brown wolf’s grasp as claws tapped on glass. When the white wolf grabs his face, a few muffled cries are all that escape his mouth before he passes out.
Myomy pours tea, adds a little milk, and takes a grateful sip. Sighing softly, she looks for a chair and at last notices that Valentine is sitting nearby. “Oh dear me, Auditor, what an evening we had last evening, did we not?”
Is it he?
Valentine ‘Val’ Adler sees the wolves come in with a man-sized delivery, and springs up from his seat quickly to follow them behind. “Is this he …Is this Timmons?”
Lucian Transforms
Lucian Rowe looks over to Asil as he steps back, the man now secure and not a threat to many. He walks over to a canvas bag, one containing his clothing and find a corner to become the man, or at least the shell of the man he once was.
Asperatusians Watch
Asil Karu sees some of the Asperatusians milling with the NeoLondoner; as long as they didn’t interfere with the integration, she wouldn’t interfere with them. Let what they see be a lesson in how seriously the Sidhe empire takes any who would threaten it.
Lady Juliana
Lady Juliana took in their scent of rage; their hearts beating quicker in the moment. Her amber eyes fell on Ginger and she instantly would take her hand. She wasn’t sure why, but she kept the woman close.
Professor Heironymous Timmons bobs his head from side to side, a wide grin on his face. “And you’re not getting into my head even if you knock my hat off!” He looks to the fennec with a challenging gaze. “And after all the cathedrals of the empire fall, mongrel, you’ll find out how my creation’s stole manufacturing algorithm functions!”
Professor Heironymous Timmons: “And they’ll forget me as soon as things go back to normal!” The lightbulb on his arm retracts and is replaced with some kind of metal object resembling a key. “You see this! It’s the one thing that can counter my creation’s algorithms! This will be the proof to everyone that they were wrong to underestimate me! … Just try and figure it out! Just try! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”
Robot Wanted
Have you seen this robot? Reward! Report to Mrs. Chickenstalker’s on Asperatus