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Before the Ball in Isles of Tarrin

Amid the magic crystals

We planned to attend the Faire’s glamorous masqued ball, but truth be told, large gatherings are making me a bit anxious these days. Of course, there are many satellite parties, so the Fairchilde was our choice for later in the evening. It only made sense that I spent my day before the ball in the lovely airborne Isles of Tarrin.

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Meet Our Sponsors: Teegle

Teager of Teegle, sponsor and world builder of Isles of Tarrin
Teager of Teegle, sponsor and one of the world builders of Isles of Tarrin

Teager, the creator and owner of Teegle, sponsors the Faireland of Isles of Tarrin that she, Monstaar and Ketsui Naidoo built.  She talks about the world building process behind these floating islands, shows a veritable hoard of new Faire releases, and speaks of her favorite Faire-related memory.

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