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Blogger Applications 2020 Open!

Calling the Heralds of the Fairelands! It’s time to raise your hands and paws and make a scribble on the dotted line to signify that you wish to capture this year’s Fairelands in pictures, words or even moving pictures and then send those captures around the many realms.

Without further ado: onwards to read and accept the challenge!

Fantasy Faire Blogger Info & Application 2020

A Few Words…

Dear Friends,

It’s a scary time. Let’s just get that out of the way. I have been following the news more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. I worry about what is happening around the world. How it is going to affect all of you. How it is going to affect the Faire. I have asked myself is having the Faire even a priority right now; however, my heart left no room for doubt on that question. Now is definitely the time for the Fairelands to reappear. Perhaps now, more than ever in their twelve year history, they are needed. They provide a home for us to return to from our scattered corners of the world. We will gather with friends and family in a way that is shut off for so many of us now in our physical lives. I find the promise of their return brightening my every day as the time for the Faire draws closer. I hope all of you feel that comfort too and it makes what is going on in the world around us a little easier to bear and less frightening.

I know everyone is excited to hear about their applications and the regions. I apologize for being slow but the good news is that I have the acceptance lists in front of me and with the help of Olde and Elayne will be sending out those notices today, Sunday, March 22 along with instructions on how to select your shopping regions. I have had a staggering number of applications this year and am even now trying to coordinate the inclusion of one more region to accommodate you all.

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Application for World Builder 2020

For the first time, Fantasy Faire is throwing open its doors and welcoming builders throughout the length and breadth of Second Life the opportunity to share in creating the Fairelands. Do you dream of worlds? Do you want the chance to bring those dreams to life? If you, or someone you know, might be interested in creating a region for this year’s Faire please take a moment or two to fill out the following form.

Application for World Builder 2020

PS: If you missed it, the applications for stores, DJs and Hosts are also open. Blogger applications will open on March 23rd.

Faire DJ & Host Applications Open!

Calling all the bards and music-makers, as well as their accompanying party-raisers! In more mundane tongue: DJs and hosts for the Live at the FaireChylde parties of this year’s Fantasy Faire. Faire takes place April 23rd to May 10th, but the event scheduling — including these parties — covers only the traditional eleven days. More details in the applications!

Fantasy Faire DJ Application

Fantasy Faire Host Application

PS: Store applications are also open. Blogger applications will open on March 23rd.

Store Applications Open!

Have you been reloading this page for months, waiting for this moment? Have you been having nightmares of waking up in May and realizing you forgot about the Faire? Did you become a Fairelander last year and now cannot wait to become a bigger part of the annual enchantment?

For all of you struggling with the Faire-withdrawal, the moment of that first step of the spring is here.

Without further ado:
Store Applications for Fantasy Faire 2020

PS: Blogger applications will open as usual one month before the Faire and will be posted here as well.