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Meet Our Sponsors: Fallen Gods Inc.

Alia Baroque, the World Builder of Opet with Garvie Garzo, the Grand Sculptor of Opet.

Alia Baroque, the creator and owner of Fallen Gods Inc., is also the sponsor and world builder of the Faireland of Opet. He talks about the region’s inspiration and build process, his collaboration with Garvie Garzo, who sculpted all the statues of Opet, and his long history as a world builder and a part of the Faire.

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Ankh / Life
Break the Curse of the primeval Darkness.
Strengthen the children of Atum Ra and bring back the Sun, bring Opet back to Life.

Ankh (event also commonly known as the Jail and Bail of Alia Baroque) will be held on Opet, Friday 29 from 4 to 6 pm slt. Participate in breaking the curse of Darkness: two new incarnations and exclusive skin sets available just for the duration of the event will set the fate of Opet, representing Nut the Goddess of the Night Sky, and Geb the God of the dry land, both children of the First God, Atum Ra.

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Ragnarök: Jailing of Alia Baroque 4-6 PM SLT

The Fate of the Gods lays in your hands: join the ultimate battle between Fear and Hope that ends all things, be reborn stronger and worthy. Ragnarök is here.

The event also known as the Jailing of Alia Baroque takes place today, Friday, April 30th, at 4-6 PM SLT in Valhalla.

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