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Chronicles of Adair: The Missing Score

Hello. It’s me again, the Fairelander. If by some small miracle you are reading this message, then perhaps you will understand my plight.

Perhaps you, too, still set your Scroll of Teleportation for Junction, only to see a blinking cursor above a nameless ocean. Perhaps you, too, still wake up giddy to greet the morning at Midas, only to rub the sleep out of your eyes and realize that Ishtar’s Gate has drifted away with the Mists. Perhaps you, too, adjust the pieces of your complete Her Highness’s Treasures gacha set, only to feel a profound emptiness—a void where something should be.

In my case, that void is the blank page I now hold in my hand, one page among many that I found washed up on the steps of Midas minutes before the Great Bongs of Doom sounded and the Fairelands vanished into the aether.

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Tales From Faireholm

Faireholm Reverie
by Moira Draconia    
I walk the streets of Faireholm in pure reverie,
a celebratory state far outweighing
the twists and turns of any ordinary day.
The banners and bunting line my thoughts,
as pure as the bell ringing above the castle keep.
Within reverie this village need no reason to celebrate daily
although most certainly it has many reasons
bumping into colorful balloons
splashing my face with  flowering fountains
and knowing that I am already awake
in a perpetual sunrise
of elemental sunshine
these banners radiate throughout
the village center
who needs a bridge to anywhere
when you can walk over the sun?
I know my love is pure
and I prove to myself
(and anyone for that matter)
those in the celebration
know this is more than a waking dream
for such a dream is Faireholm
and I delight in winding along
its cobblestone paths
the celebration continuing for days
I hope to wake gently
to the sounds of reverie in the streets
and seeing the joy in others
as a reflection of my own
to celebrate life daily
and the reverie that Faireholm brings
to all who have a reason to celebrate
bellow the protective watchtowers
and crystal gaze
the village is well loved
a lush Eden of pure reverie
cooperatively tending to its own growth
the streets lead me where I need to be.