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// At The Carnelian Archive . . .

This world is a vast place. It is full of all sorts of creatures and beings that come from many different walks of life. So many that just by watching, it would be impossible to learn much about them. However, that’s what I did.

I did not see many like me around here and thought that I was too different to be a part of what was going on. So I spent my days outside in the forest of the Carnelian Archive, picking flowers as I watch various beings travel in and out of the high-walled building. Sometimes I would be brave enough to offer them flowers. “Hello, excuse me, would you like a flower?” That’s what I would say and then, if they accepted, I’d ask what brought them to the Archive.

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The Beauty of Blue

I was wandering again. Aside from the Big Events, this year, I travelled the Great Faire mostly in one disguise or another. It was fun, and somewhat easier, as I was not in a mind to deal with other beings overmuch, and frankly, there are plenty of other Fae Queens at the Faire: my celebrity is mercurial, just like me (and just like them!)

There was no better place to wander this year’s Faire than Wandering Woods. And although as Wandering places go, it was rather orderly, what makes a place is not always its stunning architecture, or its defining features; no, what makes a place is the light.

The beauty of blue
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From The Candles To The Stars

From Davi:

I … woke up like this. I’ve learned not to ask how these things happen. I’ve learned not to speculate about the reasons behind them, the physics, the wherefores and whatevers. But often, no matter what predicament I find myself in, there is a definite why.

The Candle Path

In this case, and at this time, it seemed there was a place the Faire wanted me to see.

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First around the Faire!

From The Author

Fantasy Faire is so many things.

Fantasy Faire is so many things. For me, it’s a chance to remember fallen comrades, tell some new stories or expand on some old ones, introduce new characters, look at beautiful sites, and of course it’s the best shopping on the grid, bar nothing, nowhere. This year, Queen Gwyneth has sent ahead her new hire, Friðróspartly to pre-scan the Faire for her, and partly because, well, Gwyneth’s not getting any younger. So for now, maybe just for today, here’s an account from the blog’s new Huldufólk. 

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