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Monday Faire Entertainment!

Composer doob of Alchemelic.

The big program of the Fantasy Faire may be over, but at Ambigula, we still keep the entertainment going this week. Today, Monday May 4th we offer 2 very different shows.

We start our day with another one of Alchemelics shows at 11 am. If you have missed the previous 2 shows, this will be a treat for you. With original art and music, composed by d-oo-b himself, this is a show like nothing you have seen before and well worth a break in your wanders around the faire.

At 3 pm, we have a completely different sort of show. The Misfit Dance & Performance Art will present their show “Misfit Follies – FF 2020”. A usually fast paced and quirky, full of dancing dinkines and very family friendly, this show speaks to a special part of your senses.

You can find both these shows at Ambigulas water stage. Enjoy!