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Monday at the Faire?

Fifi Oh, the founder of the Black Heart Theater

Things are a bit more quiet at the Faire today. The dust of the weekends “all day and all night” partying is settling, leaving room for new perspectives and details to come into vision. It is time to explore more, experience deeper and try some things new. There are still several events going on across the Faire lands and even if the twin snakes of Ambigula have most of the day off their guard duty, we still have one show tonight.

The Black Heart Theater invite you to come and dance with them for the second chance to be part of the “To an End, A Cautionary Tale” an immersive audience participation dance experience. So if you want a little dance party to shake off the Monday blues, this is the place to be. Find them on the Water stage at Ambigula  at 6 pm tonight.

Below some pictures of last nights shows with DRUM and Skyfire.

DRUMming the Beat
Sky Fire taking Flight, Tom & Lexi
Magic in the Hands of Sky Fire

Performance Program of Sunday April 26th

Bryn as the Genie in The Night Theaters “The Wish”.

Last day of this first weekend of Fantasy Faire 2020. On the Ambigula stage, things are a little calmer, but just a little. We still have four shows for you to enjoy. Yesterday was a big party day for us all at the Faire, with many shows and the first big ball held in the secret underwater ballroom in the depths of Ambigula.  I hope you all had fun with us. I will leave some pictures of yesterdays shows at the bottom of this post:)

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Second day of Fantasy Faire 2020 Performance Program

The Terpsicorps Tower Theater

Second day of our program and boy what a start we had yesterday! Full houses everywhere and very happy audiences and the sim performance was smooth as butter.  I am so proud of how my team of performer pulled every show off in style, veterans and new recruits alike. I will post some sample pictures below so you can see what treats they had for us.

Today will be equally as eventful with five performances and a ball in the middle. Four of our veterans will take the stage, MaHal, The Avilion MerBallet Company, TerpsiCorps ARTWerks and SLCS and rounding off the evening is the premiere of a brand new group, Black Heart Theater lead by Fifi Oh.

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Welcome to Performances of Fantasy Faire 2020!

Bryn the dancing butterfly of Nouvelles Folies

In a time like this we need a chance to dream away, moments to breathe and wonder and I hope my team of performers will give you just that. We can be found at the Arts & Performance sim Ambigula where the embrace of the twin snakes guard over the audience and the secret tunnels tell the story of their fate. For shows at the Tree stage you find your seats on the lily-pads and for shows on the Water stage you enjoy best seated in the boats in the water.

Today, Friday April 24th, we start our 2 week long program of 37 shows, performed by 18 different groups. There will be musical theater, dance performances, particle shows, cheer-leading and more. Something to amuse everybody. Continue reading Welcome to Performances of Fantasy Faire 2020!

Nominate the Rulers of Fantasy Faire 2020!

The Bard Queen is the ruler of the Fairelands, but every year YOU get to choose the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire itself!

Whoever is your favorite fantasy character, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Live Auction!

How do I do this?
Use the form below to nominate your favorite male and female characters – and for Chancellor, nominate your favourite non-human character.

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