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Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

It’s time for the Relay Weekend and Fantasy Faire has its own campsite on the track. If you wish to hang out with other Fairelanders, dance to your own drums on the deck of the FaireChylde, or just pause for a peaceful moment before the next lap, feel free to enjoy the site.

The Days of the Faire banner collection is now complete, and all the banners are available at the campsite. This includes the ones released during the Faire, and the new never-seen-before ones. If you want to grab these mementos from the Fairelands of 2022, this is your chance!

Visit Fantasy Faire at RFL Weekend

Days of the Faire Banner Collection, Part One

Do you love the Fairelands? Do you wish you could simply buy Faire mementos of reasonable price without having to go into bidding wars or games of chance with gacha? We have a solution for you: The Days of the Faire Banners. Each banner was created by Alia Baroque to feature as the header of our website, and they showcase the splendor of the Fairelands of this year as captured by our talented photographers: Sunny Difference, Sachi (Vix Zhou), Wildstar Beaumont, JustenTyme, and Sukubia Scarmon.

Since we have twenty one Fairelands this year, this is only Part One of the collection. The second part will be released for the Relay Weekend (June 12-13) where Fantasy Faire has its own campsite. 

The Days of the Faire Banner Collection is available in Paer Thura.