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Challenge Accepted: Shop ’til You Drop

Fantasy Faire is heading into its last week of shopping with incredible news! An anonymous donor has offered to donate 20,000 dollars if the Faire’s total reaches 40,000 dollars by May 5th! Challenge accepted, I say!!! And, with 5 days left of shopping, this goal will not be hard to achieve. The amount of fantasy creations is vast, so I am here to lead you through some of the fabulous finds on the various sims! Together we can find a cure…and totally look great doing it! Continue reading Challenge Accepted: Shop ’til You Drop

Morbus…the Quest

‘The Bard Queen’s Song takes you to Morbus, where the Unweaver’s twisted power has turned beauty into chaos and nature against itself. Search among the thorns, avoid the twisted denizens and then on into the Alchemist’s tower to ……’

Morbus is the place to do the Quest…a dark place only to be entered by the brave ones; the explorers on a mission.

FF 2017 - Morbus - III

Are you brave and fierce enough to wander around this grim and desolate place, doing the FF 2017 quest?
I salute you, oh fearless Fairefolk!

Slurl to Morbus