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Highlights from the Blogger Posts V

As much as I adore and favor blog pictures taken in the Fairelands, there are blog posts that have to happen elsewhere. Mainly rezable items such as decor, landscaping and furniture. In some cases there’s already existing samples rezed in the Fairelands, especially if the world builder is a merchant as well, but most of the time the blogger has to build a set in their own land to properly blog the items.

This is an ideal form of blogging if the lag in the Fairelands is too much for your computer, or you want to showcase the furniture from the Faire. Building a set from the Faire wares is about gazillion (precise number) times better than general studio work with backgrounds.

Beware of Trolls
Kynne Llewellyn – Beware of Trolls

Kynne Llewellyn combines landscaping, furniture and decor from the Faire with a beautiful fae character. 

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Highlights from the Blogger Posts IV

Continuing on the Blogger Challenges, the easiest one is surely Faire Folk. Creating a character is not that different from creating a look, and surely anyone volunteering to blog fantasy knows how to create a character. The rest of the challenge — choosing one of the Fairelands as that character’s home and taking pictures there — might be more of a challenge, depending on one’s computer, but that’s what the early access is for! Somewhat less laggy environments to combine character creation and Faireland region photography.

~Mother of Pearl~
Blu is the New Black – Mother of Pearl

MsBlu Moonwall dives into Melusina’s Depths with a stunning mermaid look, adding more pictures from the region to her post as an extra bonus!

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Highlights from the Blogger Posts III

Of all the Blogger Challenges we have at the Faire, I believe Faire Life is the most challenging. It focuses on traveling the Fairelands, visiting various events, having fun, remembering to take pictures while doing that and then writing posts about the experience. That takes a lot of time, effort and of course Fairelander spirit of loving and living every possible moment in the Fairelands. Therefore such posts are among my most favorite ones.

FF 2020 The Quest
Aznana’s Fantastic Fandangles – Fantasy Faire ~ The Quest

Aznana Shieldmaiden has blogged not only about the Fairelands Quest here, but has also made posts about the Literary Festival, dance performances, parties on the Fairechylde, and much more!

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Highlights from the Blogger Posts II

Fairelanders come in many shapes and sizes, and therefore I am always delighted to see some blog coverage that focuses beyond the human form.

Fairely Feline – Pixies at Play at Dinkie Boutique

Moonbeam Jillybean has created a completely new blog just to feature Faire’s dinkie fashion! She takes you on a shopping trip throughout the Fairelands, also offering advice on how to make biggie items fit dinkies.

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