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The Journey

“Come on down to the Faire,” they said.
“There are wonderous things to be seen.”
They hadn’t lied, there was more in this Tiny Town than met the eye, particularly at your eye level. The creatures which tended to make this Town their home were diminutive in stature, but certainly not in personality. Around you they crowded, each chattering away merrily, all encouraging the same thing. Not to remain safe in the town, but to venture further afield, to take on an adventure. To take on a quest. Who could resist such a challenge?

You were never one to shy away from a challenge, and this? Moving against a force as despicable as the unweaver… With your friend ever close by, cheering you on, you would answer this call. “Head north!” The first clues told. Strange creatures left behind, cheering and dancing, toasting the escapade with something they called ‘Wootberry Juice’, you had to wonder who you would meet along the way, and how this adventure would change the way you see the world, and yourself. Continue reading The Journey

Meet Our World Builders: Beq Janus

Athenaeum Arcana - Beq and Liz
Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail), the world builders of Athenaeum Arcana.

Beq Janus, the world builder of Athenaeum Arcana, returns to the Fairelands for her fourth build. She shares her reasons to keep on building, talks of her development as a Faireland builder and reminisces about the past Faires.

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