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The Last Sunday and a Day of Grand Events

We only have one show on the stage today, as it is the day for the epic annual auction and Ambigula needs to be prepared for that event. But we still have that one show and it is a grand one and a premiere for this troupe at Fantasy Faire. Virtuoso is bringing their very special show “Dryad”  and this is how Klark Harvey, the group director describes it:

*** D R Y A D ***


Written and narrated by Klark Harvy – VIRTUOSO Director
Choreographed and performed by the VIRTUOSO Team

” Come with us on a wondrous journey through Magic, Poetry, Dance and Light! ”

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Cabaret, Mermaids & the Big Ball

Six of the Nouvelles Folies

Today big things are happening at the Fantasy Faire. The long anticipated Fairlander´s Masked Ball 2020 will take place at the depts of Ambigula but before then, we have two spellbinding shows to keep you entertained.

First up is the second show from the Nouvelles Folies. This time with a new source of inspiration and called “The Garden of EVE”. Starting at 1 pm slt you want to be sure to make it there early, the last show filled fast and this is a one off show for the Fantasy Faire.

Our second show of the day starts at 3 pm and is the second chance to see The Avilion Merballet Company perform their magical show “Pathway to the Moon”. If you missed this last time, grab this opportunity, it is a very special experience to see the mermaids dance.

You will find both shows here at the Water stage at Ambigula.

After that, we will let Ambigula rest for a bit, so she can be nice and shiny and polished for the ball at 6 pm. Plenty of time to get into that special frock and find the right mask to match. More on the Ball here: https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/the-fairelanders-masked-ball-2020/

A weekend at the Faire

Fifi Oh & Exhi of Blackheart Theater

Finally Friday! I am guessing most of us have been waiting on this weekend to start so we can come home for a final weekend at the Fantasy Faire 2020.

This weekend brings a lot of parties with the Auction on Sunday and the big Ball on Saturday and Alia Baroques Jail & Bail today Friday. Among all this fantastical partying, we still have a few shows to offer of which two are today and both are big and bright and full of sparkling particles.

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Humpday Blues? Come let us Entertain you!

d.oo.b the composer of Alchemelic

Wednesdays monotony got you in its grasp? Need something to pull you out of the weekday funk? Come over to Ambigula and let us make your heart sing and feet tap.

It may be middle of the week, but we got 3 whole shows for you, first starting in less than an hour!

At 6 am it is time for the second chance to see Alchemelic perform. This is an original composed music show, accompanied by an art installation stage and a couple of surprise dancers. A completely original kind of show and a must see.

After a midday break with one of the exciting Jail & Bails for noon, we continue our program of shows with first a showing of Ballet Pixelles interpretation of Giselle at 5 pm slt followed by another audience participation show with FlyGearz . The steam airship will arrive at 7 pm so take the tp up into its belly and join the dance!

For more information of our program and performers, check the following links:



Jenna Dirval of FlyGearz in action