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Once upon a time…

….an angry god caused a huge flood. The giant wave destroyed civilizations, extinguished mythical creatures, and washed off all colour on the surface of the earth….

FF2017 - Opal Flight - V
The Underwater Art Gallery

And so begins the story of Opal Flight, the place for Art and Entertainment on the Fairelands, created by Haveit Neox and Lillia Artis. (read this interview with these great builders, for the rest of the story!)

Opal Flight is that place you go to and dive underwater to enjoy the art, the fish and the colours.  A perfect spot to unwind after exploring and/or partying or to float about when waking up!

Oh and in case you think you need to hurry, as today is the last day of the Fantasy Faire: fear not, here is a surprise!

Even though our planned programming is ending with a six hour closing party on Monday, May 1 from 1-7pm SLT, there is no reason to be sad because we have the Fairelands to roam around until THURSDAY the 4th of May!

As long as the Fairelands are here, the quest is playable and shopping and exploring encouraged!
Event times and places

Silent Auction ends on Monday, 3 PM SLT

Live Auction on Sunday, 2 – 4 PM SLT in Opal Flight

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Opal flight - I - BlogpostII

Art Galleries in Opal Flight

Art galleries in Opal Flight – picture by Alisaundra Andel.

It started in The Palace of Tears in 2014. For the first time in Faire-history we gathered, curated and set out an art gallery of Second Life fantasy art. We wanted to showcase how varied our fantasy lives in here are, how many forms you can take, how limitless your looks can be, how truly only imagination is the limit in this shared world of ours.

That has been the guideline ever since. Variety in fantasy forms, inspiration in character creation, talent in photographic arts. Every spring we try to find new art for the gallery, check previous artists for new fantasy work and try to find new artists to complement the collection. Each artist is contacted personally for permission and given the possibility to choose their own suggestions for the gallery.

This year we again have not one, but two galleries. One underwater, one above it. Both are located in Opal Flight, in our Arts and Entertainment sim.

Gallery Above Water | Gallery Underwater

Art galleries in Opal Flight – picture by Alisaundra Andel.

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