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Warrant: Her High Faireness at April Showers Ball

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (Is this thing on?)

We da ossifers of da Fairelands Watch, being of sound minds and HAWT bodies, do hereby, forthwith, and with no small amount of excitement declare (Éclair! Yum!) da followin’:

1. The April Showers Ball is gonna be EPIC! Straight up, no doubt, full-on epic, with extra epic sauce!

2. All this epic-ness is gonna be all da moar epic-er because of it will feature the debut of the newest Faireland DJ, Her High Faireness herself, Elizabeth Tinsley, or as we have now dubbed her – DJ Tin Tinz!

3. HOWEVER! Due to da totally legitimate with no sekert agenda concerns of the Watch about DJ Tin Tinz ‘s pursunal sekurity, dere will be a BEEG ol’ iron cage placed around her! We tried to rent the Pope-Mobile but it turns out dey dun rent it out! Geeze! Some biggies, amirite??

4. SO! If anybuddy wanna dance with DJ Tin Tinz, dey gunna have to bail her out and dey gunna have to BEHAVE! We gonna be dere to make sure deres nuuu funny bidness!

Dis we do declare and give it the offishul stamp to make it offishul. It’s waffle shaped so you know we berri serus. SO serus. Dis mah serus face!

We iz da law. We haz spoken!


Vote for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire 2017!

It’s now a month to go before the start of this year’s Fantasy Faire – so if you are looking for ways to fill the time, perhaps you can begin to think who you would like to nominate for the positions of King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

The King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire in 2016!
The King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire in 2016!

Last Year’s King – The Goblin King – together with Queen October Daye and their esteemed Chancellor, The Last Unicorn, have laid down the insignia of their high office so we have …

The election of this year’s King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire!

When it comes to Fantasy, we all have our favorite characters. Some may be good – Gandalf or Harry Potter, Belle or Menolly. Or maybe we love the dark side – Maleficent or Steerpike. Or maybe we enjoy the conflicted – Jamie Lannister or Mrs Coulter.

Whoever is your favorite, you have a chance to nominate them and perhaps see them crowned as King and Queen of Fantasy Faire at the fabulous Fantasy Faire Ball!

What do I do?
First of all, use the form below to nominate your favorite male and female characters.


We will choose the top five male and female characters, and there will be a final vote-off during the Faire itself.

Then the winners will be announced at the April Showers Costume Ball on April 30th.

So who will it be? Corwin or Aragorn? Arya Stark or Nanny Ogg? Tyrion or Frodo? The White Witch or Agatha Heterodyne?

Nominate your favorites today!

But what about your favorite non-human (or human type) characters? Don’t they get a chance too?

Of course they do! There’s an election for Chancellor – and this is for your favorite character who has no elements of human appearance. This means that Ariel (mermaid) and Mr Tumnus (faun) could be King and Queen, but Archimedes (the owl, not the scientist) would be nominated for Chancellor.

So will your Chancellor be Teremaire or Ratty (or Mole, Toad or Badger)? Will it be Reepicheep or Pegasus?

NB Characters should be chosen from works of fantasy which can be written or graphical texts or films, TV or radio shows. We want to be broadly inclusive of genres – thus fairytales, high fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy, vampire sagas (and others) will all be classified as fantasy.

The King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire in 2015!
The King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire in 2015!

Please note – last year’s winners, The Goblin King, Queen October Daye and The Last Unicorn, and the winners from 2015, Lord Vetinari, Granny Weatherwax and Greebo the cat, all from the works of Terry Pratchett, are NOT eligible for election this year.